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The Guidry Group Announces New Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Options

As kidnapping proliferates around the world, new offerings will provide clients even greater safety and confidence, supplementing company's proven security services, The Guidry Group reports


Montgomery, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- The Guidry Group, one of the world's leading security specialists, announced that the company is now able to offer clients a number of new kidnap and ransom insurance options. Building further on The Guidry Group's productive relationship with Lloyd's of London, the new insurance options are the most affordable and reliable for those looking to guard against the costs and uncertainty associated with kidnapping and ransom demands. For nearly thirty years, The Guidry Group has been one of the foremost names in personal and infrastructure security, and operates today in more than 125 countries, counting among the company's clients many of the world's top companies and wealthiest individuals.

"In much of the world, kidnapping is more of a threat than ever," The Guidry Group founder Michael Guidry stated, "With ransom demands today averaging over a million dollars, kidnappers can be a determined bunch. Our new kidnap and ransom insurance options will provide a further layer of security to our valued clients as we work to guard against the unthinkable."

Mexico's descent into violence and chaos over the past decade has made headlines the world over, with the country's appalling murder rates attracting particular attention. One aspect of that unfortunate situation which has less frequently been remarked upon, however, is the skyrocketing rate of kidnapping in the country.

Mexican officials tallied a record total of 1,698 kidnappings in the country in 2013, while at the same time acknowledging that as few as one in ten of these crimes are ever actually reported. With police and other authorities regularly being complicit in kidnappings, those victimized often choose to negotiate quietly, seeking to secure the release of their loved ones through ransom and other measures.

While Mexico stands out in this respect, it is far from alone. In fact, kidnapping is an ever-growing threat throughout most of the world, with countries like Honduras and the Philippines being just as dangerous to those that kidnappers judge capable of generating worthwhile ransoms.

Recognizing this fact and resolving to provide the company's clients with every means possible of guarding against the kinds of tragedies that kidnapping can result in, The Guidry Group spent years searching for a suitable partner who could provide insurance that would cover ransom demands in the unfortunate event of a kidnapping.

After extensive due diligence and analysis, The Guidry Group eventually signed an agreement with Lloyd's of London to have the latter provide kidnap, ransom, and hostage insurance for those of the company's clients who could most benefit from it. This fruitful development has now evolved further, as an increased understanding of the risks and needs related to kidnapping allows Guidry to offer a variety of new and even more valuable options of this sort.

In combination with The Guidry Group's world-leading personal security services, the new insurance options will help assure clients of the greatest possible protection and confidence, wherever they might be in the world. As The Guidry Group works to stay ahead of the ever-developing threats that its clients may face, it remains committed to coupling fruitful innovation and creativity with proven security fundamentals and discreetness of service.

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