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99 Robots Launches to Provide Premium on-Demand Website Support Service for WordPress Users

99 Robots has launched providing premium tech support services for those operating WordPress websites, with 24/7 access to WordPress experts for instant fixes.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2014 -- WordPress is one of the most flexible and versatile formats for creating a visually dynamic, user-friendly website or blog. Its popularity is such that it now comes with one click installs with many web hosting packages. It's popularity owes a lot to its simplicity of use and the thousands of free plug ins that make customization within reach of non tech people. However, as websites grow and become more complex, people can find themselves faced with difficulties they are unprepared for when a website crashes or a plethora of other problems occur. Usually when a WordPress site has an issue the user will spend hours looking for someone trustworthy and qualified to fix the issue, this can be time consuming, risky and very expensive. However a new business, 99 Robots, has solved that issue allowing WordPress users access to their fully qualified on-hand tech support team who are available twenty four seven.

The revolutionary new support service will offer the Best Wordpress maintenance service, including security checks, backups, alterations, troubleshooting and more, with a proactive approach to customer care and communications. Clients can even get help customizing their WordPress site to create a more robust brand image and a better first impression.

Starting from just $99 a month, the company offers a basic and premium website maintenance service that has been scaled to fit the needs of online businesses small and large. For this single payment individuals receive round the clock care including scheduled maintenance tasks and due diligence, together with unlimited call outs for specific issues.

A spokesperson for 99 Robots explained, "We understand that for many businesses having an in-house web development, support and maintenance team is a little outside their reach. That's why we have created 99 Robots, to offer the same standard of care one would receive from an in-house team through a simple online subscription service. All our staff are highly trained experts in WordPress and have a friendly and approachable manner. We are ready to serve the needs of businesses large and small, and work proactively toward the day when all small business owners can access the backing of a professional web support team. Our support is lightening quick and we are able to fix most problems almost instantly."

About 99 Robots
99 Robots is a Premium WordPress Website Support service. With 99 Robots, users have 24/7 access to WordPress experts for tech support, maintenance, and unlimited small jobs, making the running and maintenance of a thriving WordPress site the easiest it can be.

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