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Casbah Décor Now Offers a New Range of High Quality Moroccan Sofas to Buyers

A new selection of luxurious authentic Moroccan sofas has been introduced at Casbah Décor.


Pinellas, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- Casbah Décor has recently introduced a new lines of Moroccan sofas just in time for the holiday. The company has been recognized for offering hand-crafted quality Moroccan furniture for reasonable prices.

The sofa is the defining part of one's living room. Everyone wants a sofa that is eye-catching, stylish, and comfortable to make their living room look unique and feel cozy. Casbah Décor has recently imported brand new sofas and is in stock for exotic and comfortable Moroccan sofas.

These sofas display the high quality craftsmanship and have been created by professional Moroccan artists who have mastered the art. A spokesperson for the store described the allure that these sofas have.

"These handcrafted Moroccan sofas are exactly what one needs to spruce up their living room with eye-catching looks in addition to having maximum comfort. Our sofas have been crafted from the highest quality woods and have been carved to perfection. The primary goal of Casbah Décor with these sofas is to provide our clients with something that is exotic and can be considered a work of art."

The store's official website can be seen at The store spokesperson also stated more about the value of these quality Moroccan sofas and continued on regarding the store's philosophy with how they assist every single customer.

"Here at Casbah Décor we will always aim to provide our customers with the finest quality furniture available. When it comes to our selection of Moroccan sofas, we have the best quality authentic sofas. Our goals here at Casbah Décor is that a business cannot be successful without satisfied clients, which is why we work our hardest every single day to improve our services and provide our clients with the upmost support and top quality product lines."

These Moroccan sofas are offered at varying prices which makes it simple to stay within a budget. These sofas can be a great addition for the home, especially when inviting guests over for the holidays. Casbah Décor does not only provide sofas, but they also offer a selections of quality and avant garde Moroccan beds, lamps, and other living room furniture.

These sofas have a very historical and antique feel that adds to the charm of any surrounding. They are ideal for living rooms and lounge settings.

About Casbah Décor
Casbah Décor has been in the Moroccan furniture business for over 10 years now and will celebrate their 12th year in business on the July of 2015. The store affirms that the reason for their success all these years is due to focusing on keeping customers happy and providing the upmost quality around.

The selection of Moroccan sofas and furniture can be seen at

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North Pinellas Park
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