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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- Attics and crawl spaces are no doubt the most neglected spaces of all. One of the major reasons is that they are difficult spaces to clean and need more time especially when the attics are used as storage areas. Attic Wizard is one of the most professional attic cleaning and attic insulation contractors in Los Angeles. The company offers superior quality attic cleaning services right from cleaning to decontamination. They also get rid of pests and infestations that are most commonly found in attics. They ensure that the attic is dust free, free of animal droppings, decontaminate the attics and make it a much more useful space for the entire family.

Attic Wizard also specializes in crawl space cleaning and decontamination services that are undertaken with the help of high powered vacuums. The contaminated material is properly disposed after which disinfectants are used to sanitize the crawl spaces. Home and Attic insulation Los Angeles services are also offered here thereby helping homeowners save a considerable amount on their energy bills. They specialize in different types of insulation such as fiberglass, rock wool and cellulose insulation.

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Attic Wizard, based at Los Angeles, California have been offering attic cleaning services for over 15 years now. Apart from attic cleaning Los Angeles services, the company also offers crawl space cleaning, insulation replacement Los Angeles, attic insulation services and many others.

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