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Occupy Wall Street Movement Comes to the Internet


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2014 -- We all know that 1% of the world's population owns over 90% of the world's wealth and we all know how unjust that is. That's part of the reason for the Occupy Wall Street movement - people just wanted things to change. They wanted things to be fair.

On the heels of that comes another movement by the people (well…six of them) and this time the objective is to occupy the internet. The culprit is an upstart company called "We have developed a way for everyone to be involved in the creation and implementation of an alternative energy website and company" explained Vashek Pokorny their COO. "Once they become members, they then become owners. Winsolea will be member owned and operated with a view towards eventually taking it public. No one has ever tried this before and that's what makes it all the more exciting".

The business plan is unique in its simplicity and makes sense to this writer. Anyone can join for free (and earn ownership) or they can purchase a deeply discounted package from one of the Winsolea family of websites which includes software, e-books, classifieds, advertising and more. They then get a "bonus" and that "bonus" is what makes this program unique.

"That's how we get people in as "investors" without breaking any laws," Pokorny continued. "They make a purchase, they get a huge bargain, and then they receive a free bonus. The free bonus is the key part of the program. We give them 10 of what we call "Units of Ownership" for every $10 spent plus many opportunities to earn cash and more units. I guess you could say that our Units of Ownership, or U/I as we call them, are equivalent to shares of stock but only for in-house purposes. We can't and don't sell stock because that would be illegal. We just give out bonuses which are indicative of ownership".

Pokorny and his partners plan to manage the program until it bears fruit and then they will retire. "I am 62 and my partners are about the same age. We were all professionals in the finance industry. We were bored semi-retirees and decided to set this up to even the playing field so to speak. Once it becomes successful, and it will, we will retire for sure this time. Hopefully that will be within 2 to 3 years. This will be the member's company and legacy. We're just sort of helping out a bit," Pokorny added.

After reading the information on the website, it does appear that has a program which allows the "little guy" to do what the rich take for granted. They can now "invest" in a start-up that will sell and service solar and wind energy related products – an industry soon to surpass oil as our primary energy source. A start-up that plans to go public - and members (the 99%) will own it all – not the 1%.

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Location: Portland, Oregon, USA