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Spray Foam Solutions Compares Insulation Materials in Different Houses


Dalton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2014 -- Spray Foam Solutions is dedicated to providing the public with hard evidence that their foam insulation material is the best, comparing it against various materials. While it is true that there are a number of other options available when it comes to insulation materials, foam insulation in Canton, OH has consistently proven itself to be the superior choice. This company has used other types of insulation, including different kind of fiberglass, against spray foam insulation in a home to demonstrate how the latter is better as a whole.

Although spray foam insulation may cost more than fiberglass, it is a very worthwhile investment because of all the long term savings on monthly energy bills. The homes that Spray Foam Solutions installed fiberglass in had a utility bill with a minimum average total of $115, while the house with spray foam had an average utility bill of $65.

This company's findings also revealed that homes with fiberglass insulation had cold/hot spots throughout the house and air was able to move less freely, though air infiltration still occurred.

Air infiltration can be a serious problem for homeowners because it means having to run the heat or air conditioning as well as the risk of condensation and mold growth, which is not an issue with homes that have spray foam insulation.

Many people choose to take the cheaper route when it comes to the insulation they have installed in their home, though it usually ends up costing them in a number of ways, including higher utility bills each month.

Those who are looking for the best foam insulation in Ohio will find that Spray Foam Solutions offers the high-grade insulation as well as professional and affordable installation services. Spray foam is far superior to fiberglass and other insulation options on a number of levels, offering homeowners a solid overall investment.

This particular type of insulation adds value to a home as well as effectively preventing air infiltration, which is the chief cause of high energy bills. Spray Foam Solutions has supreme confidence in the product they offer and because of this they are not afraid to put it to the test and stack it up against other materials, including fiberglass. Anyone who wants to put new insulation in their home will find that spray foam is by far the best option when it comes to durability and sheer efficiency.

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Spray Foam Solutions is a foam insulation provider in Ohio and W. Pennsylvania for both commercial and residential needs. The team of insulation contractors develops superior foam insulation that is optimal for any structure and offers greater benefits than any other insulation. No compromise, no shortcuts – Spray Foam Solutions provides high quality service and foam insulation in Ohio and surrounding areas.

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