A New Web Analytics and HeatMap Platform Ptengine Has Been Launched to Increase Website Traffic Conversions

Ptengine that is used by over 10,000 companies worldwide provides the company with a real website traffic conversion tool which allows web development and marketing teams to see increase website visitors and reduced bounce rates.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2014 -- In a world where over 2 billion people use the internet, with 70 percent using it on a daily basis, it is important for businesses to attract those people for increase sales. However, with over 139,000 new websites being launched each day, it is becoming much harder to attract visitors and keep hold of them for increased revenue. A popular website Analytics tool which is helping business big and small come out on top in the fight to increase web traffic and reduce their bounce rate is, Ptengine.

Ptengine is a premier platform, recognized globally for its ability to provide real time heat mapping and analytics tracking. The technology is easy to use and presented visually for ease of understanding. Through this technology, it is helping businesses to retain customers and increase sales through finding out the behavior of visitors to their website. This allows marketing experts and web development experts to increase revenue and making marketing campaigns a success.

In a world where the economy has been troubled, with more businesses going to the wall due to the lack of revenue and increase spend, it is important that businesses become a success online. To increase revenue and to survive and expand, it is important for a business to grab their share of the 2 billion people who use the internet for online shopping. Where customer retention is important, due the cost of generating new customers compared to keeping hold of old ones; Web Analytics platforms have become an important tool.

Ptengine has become so successful over 10,000 customers are now using it since its release at the beginning of 2014. Customers include Sony Music, Softbank, Rakuten Insurance, and Yamaha.

The benefits of Ptengine include:

·Ease of Use: Anyone on your team (even those with limited technical skills) can take advantage of our wide range of features, including one-click filtering, page groups, conversion and funnels, event analysis, campaign analytics, sources, page contents, devices, and geographical locations.

·Multiple Device Support - Unlike other heat mapping technologies, Ptengine offers dual location analytic data for multiple devices including desktop, mobile, and tablet sites.

·Rapid Implementation - Use only one code base to activate all features.

·Streamlined Segment Analysis - Freely filter unlimited segments by one simple click on the Ptengine dashboard.

·Time on Page Metrics - Calculate time on page by detecting all visitor traffic every 30 seconds, regardless of the number of pages viewed.

·Page Analysis - Gain insight into the total number of clicks on a webpage, both from interactive and non-interactive elements, and from links to in-site and out-site pages.

·Heatmap Features - See exactly where visitors are clicking, and specific content areas of focus.

·Click Heatmaps: Webmasters can easily figure out which part of their website receives maximum clicks, and relative click comparison between different page components.

·Attention Heatmaps: Collect attention data and highlight web page areas which get maximum attention, and also areas that need improvement.

·Scrolling Heatmaps: Identify and optimize the fold of the page and show how far visitors scroll on a single page.

·Heatmap Filters: Filter an unlimited number of segments.

Ptengine offers a FREE plan for small business, and premium services starting from $19 per month only.

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About Ptengine
Ptengine is a leading heatmap and web analytics platform, empowering over 10,000 web development, marketing and UI/UX teams across the globe. Our award winning heat mapping and analytics software offers a delightful visual representation of mobile and website traffic, enabling businesses to analyze visitor behavior across all devices - real-time. No waiting for timely reports. No need to hire expensive analysts. No frustrating UI. With Ptengine, we place our robust heat map and analytics technology in your fingertips so you can stay competitive. Ptengine works with some of the greatest companies in the world, including Sony Music, Softbank, Rakuten Insurance, Yamaha and more.

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