Advice On Lice Inc.

Advice on Lice, Inc. Now Offers Reliable Head and Lice Treatment in MD with the Help of Trained Professionals

The company has specially trained their professionals in lice removal services.


Kensington, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2014 -- The company has specially trained their professionals in lice removal services. Their special Lice Lady in MD helps completely eliminate lice from the infested person's head. They have designed very effective lice and nit removal treatment services which are categorized into three different steps. In the first step, they manually check the head of the infested person for the presence of lice and nits. If lice or nits are found then they use medication in the form of shampoo to remove them. In the last step, they manually remove the dead lice and nits (eggs) by picking and combing the hair with the Lice Meister lice comb and conditioners. Their Lice Lady Removal Services can be availed in home or at their office.

The company also offers lice removing products such as Licemeister Comb, Lice MD Pesticide Free, RID shampoo, Ulesfia and similar products for the effective removal of lice and nits.

Talking more about their services, one of their representatives stated, "Our Head Lice Salon in MD offers the Best Treatment for Lice. Including two work areas, equipped with two salon sinks, and four comfortable hair salon chairs capable of handling entire families or individuals. Each work area is equipped with a flat screen TV with a huge variety of DVD's to keep your child occupied during treatment and removal. Our Head Lice Treatment Center in MD offers a comprehensive head lice removal procedure."

About Advice on Lice
Advice on Lice, Inc. was officially established in November 2007, but the work of the company began at least ten years before. Started as a personal mission for Karen Franco who volunteered in any programs the children attended to help screen for head lice to prevent outbreaks, Advice on Lice is where visitors receive comprehensive information. Through the years, Advice on Lice has established a knowledge of the condition and how best to treat it to accomplish eradication.

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