IVIEW Defines What a 'Best Buy' Tablet Should Be: Crossing the Boundaries in Search of a High-Efficient Tablets in an Affordable Price

Just because a tablet is expensive and comes from a leading brand doesn’t mean that the product is a high quality. Moreover, not all cheap tablets are made of substandard internal components.


Flagstaff, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- The fast paced innovation on various tablet computers nowadays will surely make people get confused and frustrated in choosing the right gizmo that will complement their needs and budget without compromising the quality and durability. With numerous brands of tablets to choose from, one may be left dumbfounded with the latest features, applications and softwares that these products offer.

As the tablets have paved its way to the market with a good track record since 2011 up to this year, a lot of people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of having a tablet in hand. It was noted that approximately 64% of people use and own a tablet. And the continuous patronage of consumers on tablets despite of many product launches on many leading brands has resulted in a worldwide 68% of gross sales in tablets, which is higher than the previous years.

Though there's an increase in sales on many leading brands of tablets, many still opt to purchase fast cheap windows tablet for the reason that functionality matters than the physical appearance. And in buying a tablet, certain key considerations should be kept in mind to maximize the budget and needs. Such as:

PROCESSOR: Processors are responsible for the excellent graphics and overall system performances of tablets may it be a document creation, internet surfing, or gaming. Among the leading processors found in tablets today are A8X, 64-bit Tegra K1, Exynos, and Snapdragon.

SCREEN QUALITY: High quality screen resolutions and panel types may give a tablet a sharp, fantastic viewing. Any tablet with the highest resolution screen of 2560x1600 pixels will surely achieve a sharper image on the screen. While choosing the panel type for the tablet, make sure that it is an in-plane switching (IPS) or plane-line switching (PLS) screen.

OPERATING SYSTEM AND SOFTWARE PLATFORM: Checking the OS system of the tablet is important since these are responsible to allow the tablets to share across devices, keep enormous files and app catalogs, but in a simple and user-friendly interface.

STORAGE OPTIONS: Tablet experience is nothing if storage capabilities of a tablet are low. Having the tablet to keep contents such as movies, music, games or books is a one good reason why people own such slates. Finding a tablet that starts off with 8GB storage capacity is good to go. But be mindful that tablet's OS sometimes can take up 20% of its capacity so it is never really an 8GB storage.

DESIGN: Well-designed tablets feel better in hands since the internal parts are well-distributed from the very beginning of the designing stage.

Aside from these concerns in purchasing a tablet, people should look beyond the price of this gadget. Just because a tablet is expensive and comes from a leading brand doesn't mean that the product is a high quality. Moreover, not all cheap tablets are made of substandard internal components. In buying a gadget, think about everything when it comes to the product's hardware and software efficiency. And that's what makes a 'best buy'.

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