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Michael Daly Tenor Features Extensive Holiday Discounts for This Holiday Season


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2014 -- Michael Daly, Irish Tenor, is a musical performer that proficiently performs a wide variety of music featuring his own tenor-based vocals. This holiday season he is featuring many holiday sales, offering up to 40% off many of his products.

Michael Daly Tenor was raised as an Irish Catholic and is likewise a Christian music singer, singing Christmas songs for his fan base. He also has several albums featuring many different styles of music. He has dabbled in Irish classics as well as love songs and baby lullabies. All of his music serves as a way to pay respect to his deep Irish heritage.

On his website, Michael Daly Tenor's fans will find discounts on physical copies of CDs, digital albums, and digital single songs. Michael Daly, Irish Tenor, is also featuring 7 high-quality albums with deep and rich culture, and each follows a unique theme.

For lovers of Christian music, Michael Daly Tenor has "Singing God's Glory", a great collection of 17 popular hymns, as well as songs of salvation. This album features classics such as Amazing Grace, Ave Maria, Lady of Knock and The Lord's Prayer. He also has a great album of Christmas songs for his Christian listener-base, entitled "Michael Daly Tenor: Your Christmas," featuring a vast array of great Christmas classics. These classic songs will be perfect for those looking for a spiritual experience this holiday.

Those that enjoy the rich heritage of classic Irish music will love Michael Daly Tenor's "Going Home: Great Songs of America & Ireland," and "Michael Daly Tenor: Ireland From Glen to Glen." These albums together feature over 30 of the most beloved songs from the rich histories of Ireland and America. Some of these greats include When Irish Eyes are Smiling, My Wild Irish Rose, Danny Boy, America The Beautiful, The Rose of Tralee, The Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America and more.

Last but certainly not least is, "Irish Tenor Michael Daly Sings Baby Lullaby Songs." This is Michael Daly Tenor's newest release and it features 14 lullaby songs for those with babies or for people that are simply fans of lullabies. There are classics such as When You Wish Upon A Star and more on this classic album.

Contact Michael Daly Tenor today to talk about his special deals for the holidays as well as any other questions that there may be regarding his music. Reach him by phone today at 888.616.9192.

About Michael Daly, Irish Tenor
Michael Daly is an Irish Tenor Singer who performs a variety of popular Irish folk songs, songs of love, Christian hymns and more. His latest albums, containing great love songs and famous Broadway and Movie hit songs, are available for purchase. All of his albums are available to purchase through his website.

For more information, please visit his website