Hair Advice Network Reveals Tips on How to Prevent Hair Loss the Natural Way: Stressing the Importance of Proper Hair Care

Taking the hair loss issues at hand is a ‘now or never’ matter, that keeping the hair healthy solely depends on the person itself.


Mishicot, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2014 -- With the active lifestyle that everyone is accustomed to in this fast paced world, slacking off might result from getting left behind. It is not surprising that one day, people will start to wonder what has gone wrong once they see themselves in the mirror with hair beginning to thin out on the most apparent parts of their head. And without any further ado, people would surely make their way towards salons and hair loss products not fully realizing the problem at hand.

Hair might be an 'accoutrements, jewelry or an accessory' as Jill Scott, the Get on Up star, have said in her recent interviews about how she feels about her natural hair. But knowing that the people's crowning glory is at stake might be a sensitive issue to discuss that many would find it too hard to accept that something has to be done, than shaving it off – which is not a good solution for most women since they see natural hair as an additive to their aesthetic beauty.

According to Diana Schmidtke, a well-known celebrity men's groomer of many Hollywood stars including George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, and Chris Hemsworth, 60% of people are affected by hair loss that many are hesitant to speak concerning it because of the issue's sensitivity. Though it is normal for women to be sensitive about it, for every guy, it will be a devastating realization since it creates a huge impact on their self-esteem.

The increase in the awareness with hair loss that is becoming predominant as people aged have resulted in sudden boom of hair loss products, treatments and numerous hair loss advice from various experts. And what is saddening is that people will only begin to take care of their hair once hair loss has struck the head. But for some who will try to prevent hair loss before it invade their locks, here are few things to save hair from falling;

Observe a healthy lifestyle: Hair is also considered as a barometer for an overall health along with skin and nail. What people eat has a direct effect on the general appearance of a person so it applies to hair. In order to achieve a healthy beautiful hair, incorporating vitamin and protein-rich fruits and vegetables (that includes vitamin B, Iron, Calcium and Zinc) into the diet as well as drinking adequate water would give a health boost to the tresses.

Exercise proper hair care: A healthy hair can be seen from the moisture and light gloss it projects and the strength of the hair as well. Dirty hair is most likely to experience hair fall so it is highly advised to buy good quality shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo application should be concentrated on the scalp and hair roots, while for conditioner, it is better to concentrate on the ends of the hair since it is more vulnerable to damage.

Evade from harmful things/habits to the hair: Malpractices in hair care such as pulling tight hairstyles, application of chemical treatment (styling, perming, straightening, and hot oil treatments), blow-drying and combing hair with metal or plastic combs will tend to damage the hair and the scalp. The key is to be gentle with the hair especially when it is wet which is more prone to hair breakage.

Applying Home treatments to the hair: Several ways to take care of hair the natural way are now available worldwide. In which few of home treatments for hair that is fully trusted to take good care of the hair includes washing of hair out with decoction of tea or a bit of lemon squeezed that is effective for dandruff and applying coconut or almond oil daily on the scalp to maintain moisture.

Caring for the hair should not be taken for granted when there are simple ways on how hair loss can be prevented. Taking the hair loss issues at hand is a 'now or never' matter, that keeping the hair healthy solely depends on the person itself.

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