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HJ Has Just Updated Her Website About How to Get Rid of Cellulite for Women over 30


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2014 -- Her website used to tell the story of 2 of her close friends, Jessica and Michelle, and how they managed to get rid of cellulite just by doing a few anti-cellulite exercises.

Also, on her website used to be a great video from a show from Better TV where her 2 friends were invited to share their passion for exercises.

The website also showed Michelle and Jessica's before and after photos, however HJ had the feeling that the info she was sharing on her website is not enough and somehow women need a little more info in order to get rid of cellulite fast.

So, she has updated her website. She made some investigation and found a device wich on the skin where women have cellulite, reduce cellulite in just a few weeks.

About Cellulitenomore
She has found the prouct available on Amazon, she contacted the sellers and asked them to provide a discount link for her subscribers and for the people who will visit her website. Since, over 200 people visit her cellulite website every day, they agreed and gave her a 50 % off discount link to share on her website.

HJ couldn't be happier, so she placed the link on the home page. She even thought that the device can be a great Christmas gift and that the people who visit her website can buy more of these devices and give them as presents, expecially since the device costs less than $13 and has fantastic results on cellulite.

She has also inchuded a few more cellulite removal tips on her website and other great info that will help all women get rid of cellulite quickly.

Her cellulite can be visited using this link

Contact: Heather Jameson
Company: Cellulitenomore
Address: 122 Main Street, 03262, N. Woodstock, NH
Telephone No.: 603-745-8971