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Remède Dubelle Releases New Revitalizing Firming Mask and Hydra Peptides Serum for Anti Aging

Remède Dubelle has created a new range of products designed to proactively reverse the effects of aging using the latest scientific techniques, creating a mask and serum combo to transform the face.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2014 -- Anti-aging is one of the biggest industries in cosmetics at the moment. While turning back time might still be beyond the reach of science, research is showing that reducing and even reversing the visible signs of aging is evermore within our grasp, and one promising skincare brand is pushing anti-aging solutions to the next level. Remede Dubelle is a premium brand of skincare whose focus is on developing cutting-edge anti-ageing products. They have just launched two new products, the Revitalizing Firming Mask and a Hydra Peptides Serum.

The Mask features an anti-toxin formula which proactively binds to toxins to remove them from the skin while replacing them with rich nutrients, reducing redness and improving skin transparency. Its hydrating formula with anti-glycation technology ensures the firmest, smoothest, youngest looking, skin and complexion.

This is complemented by the Serum, which has a powerful antioxidant mix designed to promote the healing of damaged cells and the formation of more robust new ones. The serum promotes collagen development by mirroring the chemical composition of younger skin, with renewing and hydrating results.

A spokesperson for Remède Dubelle explained, "The new Revitalizing Firming Mask and Hydra Peptides Serum have been designed to confer great benefits on their users but these benefits are redoubled when both are used in combination- the serum as a daily application and the mask a weekly rejuvenating process. Taken together, these items can create one of the most robust means of reversing signs of aging such as dull skin, redness, sagginess, dryness, fine lines and more. These two products have both been created from the results of years of research and optimization, creating what we believe is the most potent formula for anti-aging in the most effective methods of application."

About Remède Dubelle
Remède Dubelle is a promising skincare brand which comprises experienced scientists who are pursuing enthusiastic innovation in skin care. They research and develop skin care formulas assiduously based on the mastery of peptide sciences, vegetal cell biotechnology, and contemporary medical cosmetology. The formulas are developed after long-term experiments and their active ingredients are patented from France with proven clinical results after thousands of testing.

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