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YOBSN Games – A Lucrative Combination of Gaming and Social Networking

Your Owned Branded Social Network


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- A little over a decade ago, when the world went digital, all the major companies followed suit and the gaming industry were at the forefront of this shift. Today, the trend is shifting to hand-held devices. This shift again is seeing a boom in games that are made specifically for these mobile devices. In this scenario, YOBSN games makes it easy for one to make money, harnessing the mobile gaming wave and social networking.

It is a fact that it takes millions of dollars to create top quality mobile games that are both SFW and family friendly and more importantly, popular. It takes time, money and effort to again ensure that these games are placed in the right stores, namely Google Play and Apple. As expected, this is a barrier for entry for most people. But given today's obvious trend towards mobile gaming, YOBSN has come up with a unique way to break this entry barrier;

Invite people to play free games

People make in game purchases

Game owners make money! And by money, the company is talking about a 25% share of the net revenue.

The interesting fact is that the concept is as simple as it sounds. But it gives rise the a few obvious questions;

Why will people choose to play YOBSN's games?

The main reason is that YOBSN is already a leader in the mobile games business. The games therefore are triple-A top quality games, designed to be attractive and engaging for the whole family. They also reward players and referrals at each level through built-in prizes, encouraging them to download, play and share. Because of the fact that they integrate avatars and social points across all games, sharing these games becomes all the easier.

The end result is that the game owner gets to share revenues that almost reach the tune of revenues made by big game companies everyday. This way users get to build their own Social Empire.

It is important to note that this business model allows even neophites, those who have never played mobile games before to become game owners and benefit from the system, since it is transparent and simple.

About YOBN
YOBN in an owned branded social networking site that provides users with accounts that allow them to share games, make money and earn recognition without the element of risk.

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