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Hello HairStyling Publishes New Safety and Straight Razors Reviews

Hello HairStyling has created a new overview of the market for safety razors and straight razors alike and has recommended their top rated products for consumers just in time for Christmas.


Bridgeport, WV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2014 -- Hair styling is no longer the province of salons alone, many people choose to style their hair at home using a variety of implements like straighteners, curlers, and even the simple comb. Equally, hair styling is no longer just the province of women, but is something men take pride in too, including the styling and grooming of their beards. Hello HairStyling is a styling website that specializes in hair styling tips, news on trends, and product reviews. With the fashion for facial hair at its height, the site has released reviews of the top five straight and safety razors on the market right now.

The Hello HairStyling best safety razor review features the top five models of classically designed safety razor that eschew the excess of blades and wire as seen in popular commercial products for simple barber friendly construction and build quality. These include top brands like Merkur, Edwin Jagger and Parker.

The Hello HairStyling best straight razor review looks at the classic shaving implement in its 21st century incarnations and features DOVO, Azael, Gold Dollar and Parker offerings, which feature razor sharp blades made of high carbon steel and shaped blades for the closest shaves.

A spokesperson for Hello HairStyling explained, "Safety razors are a more traditional way to shave for most men, especially those with sensitive skin who want a close shave without the dangers of straight shaving. The straight shaver is for those who make it a point of pride and skill to get the closest shave possible with the simplest implement, and is more of a specialist skill and niche interest. With the five best of each item to choose from there is something for both camps this Christmas, and this represents an exciting opportunity to help men indulge in a little luxury."

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