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High PR Links Redesign Their Website to Give Fresh New Look with Powerful Homepage Links

High PR Links have redesigned their website to highlight their high PR niche backlinks,that can now be ordered in minutes


Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2014 -- Search Engine Optimization is a rapidly evolving industry, one that is engaged in something of an arms race with the search engines themselves. Websites wish to optimize their design and approach to climb the search engine rankings while search engines want to make sure people using their services will find the best services, not the best SEO manipulators. High PR Links ( help great businesses get a great search engine presence by helping them build their authority online through niche relevant high PR backlinks, and they have just redesigned their own website incorporating a user friendly design.

The new site is clean and simple and fully flexible, displaying perfectly on all devices and screen sizes, and features a full account of their available services and active industries. The site specializes in offering high quality, niche specific, high PR back link packages that help businesses build their perceived authority in their field- the most effective way of increasing search engine rankings today.

The packages are further customized however to meet the specific needs of the various industries, including entertainment, law, jobs, health, finance, insurance, real estate, automobiles and more. The redesign has allowed them to display these customized packages in their own right and with their own breathing space.

A spokesperson for High PR Links explained, "Anyone who has done any SEO successfully knows that high PR, niche specific backlinks are the holy grail of SEO. High PR links ensure your site gets a serious amount of backlink juice to propel a website up the rankings. The fact that our high PR sites are also specific to a niche adds relevancy to those backlinks giving them extra weight with Google. This combination of high PR and relevancy is what has enabled us to skyrocket hundreds of websites onto the first page of Google. Because of our economies of scale we have been able to do all of this with some of the lowest prices in the industry. We hope the new clean website design will get all of these points across succinctly."

About High PR Links
Established five years ago, High PR Links is a site that specializes in selling effective and affordable backlink packages for businesses and individuals to increase their online authority. Any website owner who wants the benefits of SEO for their website, or wants to climb Google's search engine rankings, will find their ideal package from High PR Links.

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