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Hadoop vs Mongo DB, the Everlasting Debate About Which Is the Better Software to Suit All Needs

Hadoop vs mongo DB are software technologies designed for better data management. Though they are similar in many ways. They are also different in many ways. And the debate about which one is better continues from time to time. Hadoop vs Mongo DB. Here is the guide to which is better according to the requirement and needs.


Batavia, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- With the amount of data being processed daily the world as immense amount of data that can be used for the benefit of the company, highly valuable this data can provide benefits in many ways. But organizing and managing such large amounts of data could be a matter of worry. Though not any more with the software technologies like Hadoop and Mongo DB the data storing and processing is very simple. There are plenty of softwares available out there in the market which do a similar job but these two have become the most popular ones over time. Due to their unique features and user friendly ways. Hadoop vs Mongo DB is a never ending debate since both have their benefits and drawbacks, similarities and differences. Therefore given below are a few features of the two softwares that can be chosen according to the requirement.

If the requirement includes:

- It works on HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system)
- Processing data stored with HDFS
- HDFS provides write once read many access model for data
- If the requirement is to maintain large files , it is optimized for large files (64 mb by default)
- Maintaing multiple copies of the full data
- HDFS is designed for high through put rather than low latency
- Hadoop defines a schema for reading the data within the scope of the job
- Hadoop does not use indexes, data is scanned for each query
- It is cost effective data archiving
- Data transformation
- Data aggregation
- Data matching

One of the drawbacks of Hadoop is that its data processing takes several minutes, since it does not use indexes and the entire data is scanned for each query.

Mongo DB on the other hand has features like:

- Archiving (a lot of companies still use Mongo Db for archiving even if they are using any other software for their other needs)

- Flexibility in data handling because it allows one to store data in a non standard format

- Allows E- commerce, it allows the alteration of schemas as and when required and simultaneously scales

- It allows online website data storage

- Due to its Geo spatial Index, Mongo DB is a great choice for mobile Systems

Sometimes Hadoop Vs Mongo DB does not really make a difference, it is rather helpful to use MongoDB and Hadoop together in the same system. For instance, with a system that is reasonably large that requires rich queries with indexes and effective retrieval, we can leverage the best qualities of both systems.

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