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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- Haliburton Law Firm owned by Mr. Haliburton utilizes professionals from medical, law enforcement and various other fields to help people get full recovery if they are accident victims and those who have been wrongly arrested In Atlanta.

The firm is active in providing specialized consultation in cases of significant injuries, wrong full death, criminal charges, and DUI accusations. If you have been deprived justice in motor vehicle accidents than Haliburton Law Firm is your one-stop among all to find the best Atlanta car accident lawyer. They are not just known for fighting cases aggressively but effectively. They are also popular to earn justice and satisfactory settlements in addition to complimentary rewards for its client's claims. The law firm is consistently involved in personal injury cases providing excellent support and assistance to people. For checking their services search at http://haliburtonlawfirm.com/

Haliburton Law Firm has a proven record of accomplishment of getting a fair deal to all the people. Thus, they have a very appreciative and outstanding reputation in Atlanta and Georgia area. The firm adheres to its active principles and has proved their worth among all. Not specifically specialized in car accidents they are great at fighting for birth injury and other injuries too. Their attorneys are busy in demonstrating to public who are victimized or neglected in any sense (even against the medical practitioners). You can avail their services at affordable rates and trust them for leading you.

About Mr. Haliburton
Mr. Haliburton is the attorney typically involved in criminal and claims recovery. He is also well known as a Constitutional Law expert as well as an Elections Law expert. He is the best amongst the Atlanta car accident lawyers.

Mr. Haliburton has been a significant player in all sports from football, baseball to boxing at his high school to college. He had a statewide recognition Mr. Haliburton has remained undefeated in professional boxing and has marked his space amongst the top contenders by International Boxing Union (IBU). Presently he is a member of many social and philanthropic societies and actively performs as the President of the American Association of Aggressive Attorneys.

While studying law he was the Senior Managing Editor of the student-managed The MALUM Law Review and is the Founder/CEO of an internationally renowned company, Breathalyzer Equalizer, as well at a biotech company, HaliburtonMoretz.

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