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Taxiing Down the Runway of Doom: Thrilling New Novel Sees Terrorism, Religion & Morals Collide, Can Kids Actually Stop Terrorists?

Twisted into a tight fray by Robert A. Gray, ‘Taxiing Down the Runway of Doom’ reaches out to all ages, but particularly a younger audience, in a rare adventure that debates Islamic terrorism. After a group of teenagers inadvertently receive a package meant for terrorists, they join the authorities and become embroiled in a quest to stop a poison gas attack at 30,000ft. Readers will be compelled to see the events from both the teens’ and the terrorists’ points of view, while learning the true value of always doing the right thing.


Sterling Heights, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2014 -- While writing a novel about terrorism for young adults may seem unconventional, author Robert A. Gray uses the opportunity to help readers explore their opinions of faith, morals and the importance of always "doing the right thing".

'Taxiing Down the Runway of Doom' is gripping, thrilling and thought-provoking; bucking the trend of fantastical young adult fiction by calling all into action to stand up for their rights.

It's a normal trip to Hunters favorite Middle Eastern Restaurant until the beautiful lady dining next to him and his siblings ends up being a terrorist that chases him down the road in her black SUV.

Drawing on the families faith and do the right thing upbringing they are tested as they assist the Police in piecing together what the woman wanted and what mission she intends to fulfill.

"In this story, our young mavericks do the right thing, something millions of young people struggle with," explains Gray. "We live in a changing world with rampant threats to our freedom and religious autonomy; I want young people to know that's it is okay for them to say that enough is enough. When your brain tells you to do the right thing, you should listen to it."

Continuing, "The narrative also serves as a catalyst to bold exploration of religious differences. Young Christians will be called upon to see things from the side of the terrorists, and try to understand why they stick so adamantly to the word of the Koran. Muslims in the name of Islam are killing too many people because their faith demands it; something young people need to be aware of. But it's not just for older teens – this book will thrill readers of any age and background."

Gray promises an edge-of-the-seat adventure.

"There's high-speed car chases, lively chatter about the differences between Christianity and Islam, and plenty of courage as our leading young cast take an active role in stopping a poison gas attack on a plane. Most importantly, all readers will turn the last page with a new appreciation for the struggles our world faces, and new confidence knowing that they always can do the right thing," he adds.

'Taxiing Down the Runway of Doom', from Xulon Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/1szUL6j

About Robert A. Gray
Robert A. Gray is a loving husband and father of three great kids. He holds a Bachelor's degree in communications from Wayne State University, and has received further schooling in education and acting. His hobbies include reading, writing, and spending time outdoors.