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Hustlin' Backwards: Power, Vengeance & the Law Collide; as Gritty Urban Novel Follows Three Long-Time Friends' Quest to "Make It Big" on the Street

Mike Sanders has already risen to bestseller fame with his three previous novels. Making his crossover into the world of eBooks, Sanders storms the scene once again with ‘Hustlin’ Backwards’. It’s time for readers to polish their knuckles and prepare for a fight as they join Capone and his partners in crime in an attempt to make it big – unconventionally, of course. The book has garnered rave reviews, with one critic describing it as a story that “rips a shocker into the literary scene”.


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- While a free-spirited life "on the street" is something everyone secretly craves, few are exposed to this tumultuous world where power, honor and turf are worth more than any dollar sign. However, making his foray into the world of eBooks, veteran author Mike Sanders thrusts readers into that very world with the digital release of an acclaimed novel.

'Hustlin' Backwards' is as intricate and hard-hitting as the streets themselves. But readers should be careful where they lay their loyalty; as some partners in crime end up paying the ultimate price…

Capone, a 26 year-old federal fugitive gets in his feelings about his life as a hustler………

Meet Mike aka Capone and his Road Dogs Jared, and Vonzell of Charlotte, North Carolina. As the three long term friends turned stick-up kids decide to use PS (problem solver) to set some one straight, opportunity comes knocking. Stumbling upon the biggest caper of their lives, (money and coke) these petty jack boys now have to answer the challenge of being big Dope Boys!

From Robbing and Stealing to Now Dealing, and Killing... Capone, June, and V don't back down.... Pumping much FEAR in the opposition, The team rises to the responsibility of THE SHINE! But how long can ONE TEAM roll before the power crumbles? Long years to make it, short time to take it....In the streets gangsters die too young, and snitches live way too long. But is the street code sacred enough keep this team together or will they fold under pressure once the feds come knocking?

"I originally wrote this novel four years ago but, with the recent boom in and adoption of eBooks, felt it was time to bring into digital format," explains the author. "I signed with G Princess Publishing to do this, and the initial response has been overwhelming."

Continuing, "It's great to give people an opportunity to leave the real world and live on the street, like they have secretly wanted to. It's a fast-paced world where allegiance and status changes as rapidly as the characters within it. Nobody is safe, yet there's everything to be gained."

As mentioned, the novel has garnered rave reviews. Amazon user 'Chocolate Ladee' comments, "I would reccomend this read to all. This book makes a great read for book clubs, a lot can be discussed.

Hustlin Backwards is one I'll always remember and Mike Sanders gets much applause and respect from this Ladee."

Louise adds, "This read was definitely worth it. I had to ask myself if I am a ride or die chick? Could I really be down for a n**** who was in the game like that? The code of honor, is it worth my life in jail? Especially if I have a family? Could I say that they would do that for me? Could I really be a hustla? How poor do you have to be in order to decide that hustling is going to be your way out?"

Sunny was gripped, writing, "Much better than I expected it to be. This is a must read page turner.

Capone really became such a leader Capone/Mike is one of the realest characters in a story I've read in a long time. If you are looking for a good street story that keeps it completely real this is one."

'Hustlin' Backwards', from G. Princess Publishing, will be available on Amazon December 31, 2014.

About Mike Sanders
Mike Sanders has been writing since 2001, and had his first novel published two years later.
He has since become an international bestseller, been featured in Don Diva Magazine and has been nominated for a coveted literary award.

Sanders is currently adding the finishing touches to his fifth novel, in his hometown of Charlotte.