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U.S. Scientist/Author Benoy B. Chowdhury, Ph.D. Cuts to the Core of the Human Condition & Turmoil, Across Three Compelling Novels

While unrelated in narrative, ‘Irony of Destiny’, ‘Of Human Conditions’ and ‘Quiet Was the End’ from author Benoy B. Chowdhury each tell a compelling and thought-provoking story. Readers will engross themselves in historically-accurate post-WWII turmoil, experience the workings of the East German State, see an emotionally-deranged soul triumph and even contribute brilliantly to war-time code breaking operations and a working student haplessly calling on the wisdom of an experimental psychologist. Each book shares a common theme – exploring how human emotions and behaviors react to the turmoil they will ultimately face, wrapped around engaging human -interest stories.


Lake Ariel, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- When turmoil hits a group of people, an entire generation or even humanity as a whole, everyone reacts differently. This cocktail of human emotions and behaviors has always fascinated author Benoy B. Chowdhury, who is now attempting to explore and explain them through three powerful and engrossing easy-reading novels. Each book is an ideal leisure-time companion.

Each has a different story and its own unique set of circumstances, with historically-accurate events running throughout.


'Irony of Destiny' - IRONY OF DESTINY is a reality-based fictional work. The story begins at the outbreak of WWII and surreptitiously delves into post-war developments emanating from the circumstances of the war itself. David Ardmore had returned to England from the war not knowing he had an unborn child with Helga Stein from his chance encounter with her in Thuringen which became part of Soviet East Germany. Konrad, born to Helga, had excelled in his agricultural studies and was fiercely loyal to the East German State which had entangled him in espionage activities in England when he had come to visit his newly-acquainted father for the first time and to learn about advanced agricultural methods there. He had unaccountably disappeared from Boxbury farm in Chipping Norton in SW England. When detective Barton Smith had brought Konrad back from West Germany, where he had taken refuge, his life took on bouts of romance and intrigue. Naval Officer Edwin Marsh, a bungling and over-eager suitor for Lord Carrington's daughter Emily's affection, had taken a jaundiced view of her emotional dependence on her colleagues at the BBC and in particular, her infatuation with Konrad (renamed Craig), when he had worked in horticulture at the Manor House. Craig's own sensitivities were awakened by Linda Baxter of the Public Relations Firm when he had taken over responsibilities for running his father's equipment business. In the end, Craig found stability and happiness with Hedda Vogel whom he had known in the Youth Movement in East Germany.

'Of Human Conditions' - An Oedipus Complex had plagued Maynard (Manny) Mayhew, born in the early part of the twentieth century in Buntingford, Hertfordshire, England. Growing up as a motherless child, his schooling and upbringing in the tradition of the English Upper Class had afforded him a contemporary career, but he drifted in a friendless existence because of his inability to overcome an inescapable bondage and an all-consuming love for the mother he had never known. In the end, he found himself engaged in attempts to open up to an ambitious but disoriented Elsie Mortimer, with shadowy consequences.

'Quiet Was the End' - Young Brijen Roy, a working student living among an unlikely mix of people in a bed-and-breakfast establishment in the city of London, found himself coping with the dual challenge of earning a living and studying for his future in an indifferent atmosphere. The people around him enchanted and debilitated him in a variety of situations involving Margaret's rebellious self-assertion, reversal of Mr. Macintosh's distrust. Mr. Langdon's predicament, the action of David Singer's warped mind and Mrs. Plumrose's salvation from the depth of her degradation. His developing awareness for nurtured affection and need for elimination of his foreboding isolation, resonated harmoniously with kindred souls, but the subjunctive emotions he suffered from, sometimes required the reassuring wisdom of an experimental psychologist. His sudden departure from the scene did not even produce a flutter in the march of time.

"Effective narration requires the story to be continuously discontinuous in terms of changes of scenery to avoid monotony and to hold the attention of the reader. This has been mostly achieved in these books," explains the author. "I like to use war as a setting, because there's no other event that clamps down on an entire nation or the planet as a whole, causing so many different reactions. Some choose to fight, some are forced to, while some work the war effort back home. Often, it all suddenly ends and the world has to carry on 'as normal'."

Continuing, "This provides us with a prime opportunity to really dig deep into the human conditions and explore how behaviors and emotions react to the various triggers. Therefore, each of my stories spans a common timeframe of turmoil from the past – each boasting a radically-different story set within it."

Each title is available now:

'Irony of Destiny' - http://amzn.to/13zfQYK
'Of Human Conditions' - http://amzn.to/1DPRU3t
'Quiet Was the End' - http://amzn.to/1v0tlHD
Alternatively, go to www.amazon.com and type in each book title in the book search box.

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