Jewell Powell Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for Clean Paws

Patent-pending design cleans pet paws while leaving dirt at the door and more...


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2014 -- Clean Paws is an innovative self-cleaning system for dog paws that cleans their paws leaving homes clean inside. The patent-pending design boasts a folding tray that gives dog lover's a practical tool for cleaning their dog's paws before entering a home preventing the dog from tracking in dirt and other debris onto a clean floor inside the home. Dog owners know that muddy paw prints are a hassle to clean up no matter how amusing those cute little paw prints might first look on an otherwise clean floor. While other attempts have been made to solve the muddy paw print problem they fall short in solving the whole problem. Clean Paws not only cleans and dries the paws, but it also disinfects eliminating the possibility of spreading bacteria.

About Clean Paws
Mrs. Powell's dog LJ, who passed away on November 19, 2014, was her inspiration to invent Clean Paws. As much as she loved her dog, she hated his dirty paws. She kept thinking there has to be a way for the dog to clean his paws without a lot of fuss or hassle in getting on her hands and knees to wipe his paws. In a flash of insight she created a basic prototype that got the job done. Not stopping there, Jewell found an engineer to render the designs for the small and large tray that are integral to the working designs of what will ultimately be two different models to accommodate different sized dogs. Moving forward, she located a U.S. manufacturer to take her prototype further towards completion to being a market-ready product. Fans of TV's The Shark Tank will be very impressed to learn that Kevin Harrington and Daymond John's Academy were very impressed with the design and lent their insight to its evolution.

After having spent nearly $20,000 of her own money, her eagerness to get Clean Paws ready for the mass market requires additional funding to allow for mass manufacturing. With the costs of the production molds and tooling, Jewell is seeking help in getting the remaining funds via Kickstarter.

Upon successful funding, full production and delivery of Clean Paws will begin with an estimated delivery date within 4-8 weeks of the crowdfunding campaign's successful conclusion.

This crowdfunding campaign ends January 14, 2015.

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