Michael Holman Seeks Crowdfunding for a Feature Film: Inkfinger, a Time-Bending Ghost Story

Eva thinks she's being haunted, but she's not really seeing a ghost: she's found a crack in time.


McPherson, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2014 -- Inkfinger, a time-bending ghost story, is an independently-produced feature-length movie of classic mystery with all the elements sure to please mystery lovers; disembodied footsteps, shapes in the shadows, and a hundred-year-old plot buried in an old Victorian house. Filming is underway in a small town in Kansas, which just happens to have a gorgeous set location hidden above one of the stores lining the charming main street: the site of the old opera house, with beautifully restored living spaces on the first floor and delightfully dusty attic rooms tucked above. All told it's the perfect setting to film a haunted-house style mystery.

The protagonist is a young woman believes that the old house she just bought is haunted. But, as she digs deeper, she realizes she's not seeing ghosts; she's discovered a crack in time. Through it she discovers the theft of a novel manuscript that will one day make millions, unearths the century-old family deception that buried all the evidence, and encounters the book's true author: a mysterious young man named Inkfinger. Now she has to reach across time itself to change the past and try to stop this plot before it's too late- because one hundred years ago, on the night the manuscript was stolen, Inkfinger vanished without a trace.

Crowdfunding is sought to help fund the film due to the expenses of shooting a feature-length film. The crowdfunding goal of $31,600 will cover the per-day rent for using the opera house as the set, feeding the cast and crew, rental of period costumes, cost of equipment, and post-production costs such as sound mixing/design and studio fees, editing, and hiring of a professional music composer to create a fantastic score.

This crowdfunding campaign ends February 4, 2015.

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Brilliance Films is a new production company in a small town in central Kansas called McPherson, roughly one hour north of Wichita. This fledgling company has a big goal of breaking into the movie industry by producing great, fun stories that lots of people want to see and will make moviegoers walk out of the theater feeling good about life.