Guerilla Cricket World Cup Appeals Seeks Crowdfunding for Their Internet Cricket Commentary Service

Funds are needed for this online cricket channel so they can keep coverage of cricket going around the world.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- The team behind Guerilla Cricket is aiming to bring the classic English sport cricket to a wider audience in light of the fact that most cricket matches are no longer broadcast for free. Compounding this problem coupled with the fact that participation in the game of cricket has fallen.

Seeking to turn this alarming trend around, Guerilla Cricket wants to engage a new audience of young people around the world as well as those who enjoy following cricket who can do without the elitist commentaries often heard in so-called premium cricket coverage that's populated almost exclusively by ex-professionals. Like a breath of fresh air, they provide a non-formulaic, freeform approach – commentary a cricket fan and his mates could enjoy and appreciate.

To put on any sort of show always costs more than the general public thinks which is what led to the launch of this crowdfunding campaign. Funds are sought to pay for studio space in London (a small fortune in its own right), the microphones and computer equipment to actually drive the show and allow for audience interaction via Twitter as well as a budget to pay for the guests they regularly feature. In as much as Guerilla Cricket is almost purely a volunteer effort, there are occasions where people need to be paid for the time they are devoting to the broadcast of the show at the expense of their own livelihood. All of this totaled can be astonishingly expensive. Recent coverage of the Pakistan v Australia series set back Guerilla Cricket £10,000 all by itself.

Their Kickstarter project goal of £30,000 will allow Guerilla Cricket to budget for a sensational 2015 broadcast season including planned coverage of 30 of the 49 matches of the World Cup. If their crowdfunding goal is exceeded, all additional funds will be reinvested back into the show to finance future cricket coverage. Securing this funding earlier will make it unnecessary to solicit donations from listeners in the future.

This crowdfunding campaign ends January 15, 2015.

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About Guerrilla Cricket is a start-up internet cricket commentary service aimed at covering Test cricket and one-day international cricket in an irreverent way, with lots of audience engagement on social media.