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The Power Before Thought: Celebrated New Book Exposes Blueprint for Inner Peace & Abundance, Hailed "Masterpiece of Human Experience" by Critics

Masterfully crafted by Nigel R. Taylor, one of the world’s most cherished healers and Lightworkers, ‘The Power Before Thought: 10 Compelling Ways To Manifest Abundance, Magic and Miracles in Your Life’ cuts through the war, hunger and societal plagues of the modern world with a step-by-step guide to bringing humanity through unprecedented change. It all starts with each individual and this book; transcending the hum-drum of a traditional self-help volume to instead help readers explore themselves, recognize their inner challenges and embrace proven spiritual principles for a new life of inner peace. 30+ five-star reviews prove Taylor is the real deal…


Long Valley, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- Having travelled the world to provide thousands with spiritual counseling, Nigel R. Taylor is acutely aware of the aggressive and rather grim challenges that modern humanity faces. However, his compelling new book explores potent and revolutionary ways to rise above political, economic and social plight to achieve the inner peace and abundance everyone craves.

This step-by-step and meaningful blueprint is exposed in The Power Before Thought: 10 Compelling Ways To Manifest Abundance, Magic and Miracles in Your Life. Taylor fuses ancient teachings with his own wisdom to provide spiritual guidance that can literally change the world.


Reading this book will help you to find the answers to your biggest question: How to step out from behind the shadows to claim the health, abundance, joy and freedom we all suspect is out there and know we deserve. As you read The Power Before Thought, you will discover and learn useful spiritual principles and ideas, while gaining priceless tools that you can use to manifest your desires and dreams - and bring forth miracles in your life.

You will learn to access the power to create a life of inner calm and a bounty of good, by following simple steps that will positively impact your day to day living now:

Learn how to soar above the illusion of limitation and fill your life with a power that can propel you into a world of infinite possibility; learn to clear obstacles and cut ties that limit your freedom to be who you truly are - and to be happy; learn how to generate joy in all relationships; learn proven keys to unleash the limitless potential that will dramatically transform all areas of your life; enjoy meditation experiences that support your journey, and much more.

Above all, discover and access the "hidden secrets" of achieving inner peace and deep fulfillment that guarantee you successful living, including time-tested spiritual principles that will free your mind and propel you to live a life without regrets!

"At its core, this book dares one and all to step up to the plate and engage our common humanity," explains Taylor, whose work is rapidly garnering attention from global media. "The proven principles within have the power to uplift one and all; especially important at a time when socioeconomic discord is resigning millions to the false belief that they can never find inner peace or abundance."

Continuing, "Now they can – just by following the ten principles I share. Everything, including the book's ancient teachings, are condensed into something relevant and applicable to the here and now, making this a highly-practical guide that anyone…literally anyone…can use to change their life."

Since its release, the book has attracted dozens of five-star reviews. Jane M. Barr comments, "This book is truly an exploration into the realm of possibilities for unprecedented change. Practical, insightful and powerful. It is a ground breaking validation of spiritual Truths and wisdom. It feels like 'a wakeup call' from the cultural hypnosis we have all been experiencing."

Another reader adds, "In this book, Nigel has succinctly laid out a starting point and road map to your success in life. Many wise people have said that the thought must precede the action. This shows you how to use your innate power to fulfill your hopes and dreams."

The Power Before Thought: 10 Compelling Ways To Manifest Abundance, Magic and Miracles in Your Life is available now: http://amzn.to/1rcRWNb

For more information and resources, visit the author's official website: http://nigeltaylor.net

About Nigel R. Taylor
Nigel R. Taylor is an author, teacher, healer, and spiritual counselor. Known to his peers and students as an extraordinarily gifted Lightworker, he travels the world sharing love, light, and wisdom and is known for the powerful presentation of his message. Speaking directly from his own life experiences, he communicates a love of the Divine, a reverence for truth, and a mastery of the path.