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World Landforms, an Informative Portal, Provides Information About Strato or Composite Volcanoes


Maple Grove, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- To inform and educate people more about the various landforms, World landforms, an informative portal, is providing information about Strato or composite volcanoes. It is an educational website that provides details about the various kinds of volcanoes, their formation and features, etc. Volcanoes are said to be natural openings or ruptures on the earth's crust which leads to the release of various kinds of gases, volcanic ashes, hot magma and minerals. Volcanic eruptions take place when the tectonic plates diverge and converge. There are different kinds of volcanoes such as cinder cones, shield volcanoes, complex volcanoes and spatter cones.

Composite volcanoes consist of lava flow and pyroclastic materials that are composed of cinders, fragments of rock, volcanic ash and blocks. These volcanoes are totally different from shield or cinder volcanoes. These kinds of volcanoes are deep sided close to the summits. They incline up to 30 degrees, but the slope goes down to 5 degrees. Composite volcanoes form different kinds of shapes such as concave, pyramidal, helmet shaped and multiple summits as well. One of the most important characteristics of composite volcanoes is the procedure by which the magma erupts on the earth's crust. It erupts due to the repetitive accumulation of various materials and gas which upon finding a vent, erupts out.

Talking more about different types of volcanoes and major landforms, one of the representatives of World landforms stated, "There are many landforms that are on the earth's surface. They are actually on other planets as well. One thing is certain; there are major landforms that cover the world we live on. World Landforms provides a list of landforms that we see almost every day like on TV or riding the bus home from school."

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