Marty Vanderhoek Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Smart Lite: A Truck Safety Accessory That Will Save Lives and Reduce Injuries

With over 5,000 annual deaths and 140,000 injuries in North America alone, Smart Lite is a breakthrough in commercial truck safety that will save lives and reduce injuries.


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- Smart Lite is a commercial truck safety product that virtually eliminates the front end blind spots that professional drivers of large trucks contend with every day as they drive their trucks across the busiest roads in North America. Statistics show that over 60% of all semi trailer truck accidents are directly related to the front end blind spots of large commercial vehicles. This is the area at the front of the truck on both the left and right side of the trucks front fenders. Every car driver is all-too-familiar with the signs on the backs of trucks that say "If you can't see me then I can't see you." It's in this unseen zone where too many lives are lost and too many people are injured due to truck accidents.

Even when a truck has an array of mirrors and even cameras, driver's make the tragic mistake of assuming that the truck driver can see anything in front of, on the side of or behind the truck. If a smaller vehicle, pedestrian, motorcycle or cyclist is in a certain position beside the truck and just forward enough of the door the truck driver can't be sure that something is there. Even cars have blind spots and this problem is only bigger for truck drivers. That's because the driver of the truck is sitting so high in the cab the driver cannot see that front end area regardless of the many mirrors on the truck.

About Smart Lite
Smart Lite changes all that with its innovative mirror-to-mirror technology to completely eliminate these front end blind spots for professional drivers. All large trucks have side mirrors that a driver uses to view beside and behind the truck. But although the driver can see behind or beside his or her truck the driver still cannot always see everything that is forward of the doors on the truck from where the side mirrors are mounted. The driver cannot see any smaller vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian that would be beside the truck and in the surrounding area of the trucks front fenders.

To take driver and pedestrian safety further, Smart Lite is manufactured with a back up light or turn signal on one side and a convex mirror on the opposite side. After a driver installs a set of Smart Lite's he or she will be set for much safer and rest assured driving. From the cab of the truck a driver now simply needs to just take a split second glance through the side mirror of the truck and back to the mirror built into Smart Lite.

Unlike the majority of crowdfunding campaigns seeking money to pay for continued product development and/or mass production, Marty Vanderhoek has already accomplished all that. Crowdfunding for $60,000 is sought purely to promote and market Smart Lite to professional truck drivers everywhere. A comprehensive print campaign is planned in addition to attending trade shows, and building a global network of distributors to bring this life-saving product to truck drivers everywhere so we can all drive safer.

This crowdfunding campaign ends February 13, 2015.

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