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Call a Cooler Launches New Free, No-Obligation, 7-Day Water Dispenser Trial Offer

New program will help Perth area homes and businesses experience the unmatched convenience and affordability of company's top-quality water dispensers, Call A Cooler reports


Perth, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- Call A Cooler, one of the area's leading water dispenser companies, announced a new, 7-day free trial offer. By filling out a simple sign-up form at the company's website at, those interested can arrange for a free, no-obligation home or office trial of one of Call A Cooler's affordable, reliable water coolers. Call A Cooler is a top perth water dispenser specialist, saving customers money and allowing them to enjoy fresh, pure, great-tasting water with the greatest possible convenience.

"We're very proud of what we have to offer and we think our new free trial offer is going to be a great way to show others how attractive our service is," Call A Cooler representative Mark Martin said, "All it takes is a simple, quick sign-up at our website to arrange for a free, no-obligation trial for your home or office."

With anywhere from 55% to 65% of the body being made up of water, that substance is especially critical for human health. Health authorities the world over emphasize the importance of sufficient water intake and hydration, as water helps moderate body temperature, assists in the removal of waste, lubricates joints, and protects delicate tissues.

With the Perth area's often-hot weather, keeping hydrated is an especially important task for residents. Many people in the area regularly consume bottled water, an expense that is rarely compensated for by the quality of the water itself. In fact, the filtering dispensers provided by Call A Cooler supply water that is at least as pure, clean, and healthful as the best bottled waters on the market and often more so.

In addition, a Call A Cooler water dispenser rental is extremely affordable. For around $1.60 per day, customers receive steady, unlimited supplies of pure, delicious water that is always ready to drink or make use of. Call A Cooler technicians also maintain installed water dispensers for free, changing filters and cleaning and repairing them as needed at no charge.

Compared to using Perth-area spring water delivery companies, the average Call A Cooler customer saves over $800 dollars per year, with many who use more water saving even more. For those switching from regular usage of individual bottles of water, the savings are normally even higher, with many customers reporting improvements of a thousand or more dollars per year.

The new Call A Cooler free trial offer, then, will help to show more people and businesses in the Perth area just how attractive the company's high-quality filtering water dispenser service can be. Call A Cooler is a locally owned company that emphasizes professionalism and customer service, fixing or replacing damaged dispensers within 48 hours.

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Providing Perth-area homes and businesses with reliable, convenient supplies of fresh, pure water, Call A Cooler helps customers save money and avoid hassle without compromising on quality.