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High Impact Exteriors Offers Greens Windows and Doors to Help Save on Energy Bills This Christmas

High Impact Exteriors has increased their range of energy efficient windows and doors to help Calgary home owners save more on their energy bills throughout the cold winter.


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- Energy prices are crawling ever higher, and as winter sets in, more families are finding their budgets stretched by excessive heating bills. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in Canada, where temperatures drop to extremes. High Impact Exteriors is a Calgary company that specializes in windows and doors, and the company has expanded their range of green products and dropped their prices in order to help people have the most energy efficient exteriors possible, saving them money on their energy bills that can be better spent on the holidays.

The new 'green' windows and doors maximize energy efficiency without compromising on look or feel http://architecturalwindows.org/, allowing for plenty of light to get into the house even during short daylight hours with low light. However, the abundance of glass does not, as with traditional windows, lead to huge volumes of heat escaping the house.

The company http://arkansaswindowsandsiding.net/ is able to offer window solutions for the whole house, from full scale sun lounges to basement windows, casement windows, single and double windows, bay windows and even obscure glass options.

A spokesperson for High Impact Exteriors explained, "Our windows are now triple-protected using LoE2 plus with argon gas fill and super spacer. The LoE2 plus is a soft layer applied to the surface of the glass which reflects heat back inside the home. The argon gas filling the space between the double glazing acts an insulator by being a poor conductor of heat, and the super space ensures maximum separation between internal and external surfaces, making the environments as separated as possible. Investing in new windows for the home will mean savings for years and years to come, and with our affordable financing packages, there's never been a better time to start saving."

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High Impact Exteriors offer unparalleled expertise in window and door replacement, combined with the best possible customer experience. They offer flexible, helpful and free in home consultations to help maximize the impact of their work. The company has plenty of styles and designs to choose from specializing in only high quality, energy efficient replacement windows.

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