US Music Producer Boggles Your Mind with His Latest EP "CREEPERZ"


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- US electronic music producer, BogglesWorth, is a man of mystery. Well-known for his enigmatic ways, he is shaking the idea of genre up, and being widely recognised for his grimy tenacity, and bold mixing style. His latest EP, Creeperz, is being released on 20th January 2015 and he wants people to come join the Boggler party.

As a rebel, both in music and in his life, BogglesWorth believes that, instead of boring restriction, our limitless potential has to be celebrated.

The underground sound-maker considers music a powerful form of art to be appreciated. In questioning genre and how that plays out in his gutsy tunes, he daringly expands definitions and reinvents them as he goes. And that's exactly what he has created on his EP, Creeperz.

BogglesWorth stands unashamedly in his obscurity, and pushes the boundaries of sound, while questioning the state of humanity and why we are here.

Through music he believes things can change. So he has been hard at work busting out the audacious sounds, throwing a spanner in the works, and continuing to shake it up.

Jump on board and join the BogglesWorth revolution NOW to celebrate your oddness.

Check out his latest EP, Creeperz, released on 20th January, and be ahead of the curve in genre-bending sound. Soothe your mind through BogglesWorth's flair for distinctively capturing and expanding on what you are thinking.

Download Creeperz on iTunes, Google Play, Tunecore and all good digital music marketplaces.

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BogglesWorth will cross the boring boundaries with this odd, ground breaking EP.


1.DeLorean Dreams
6.Virtuous Obscenity
8.Astray in an Ashtray

"BogglesWorth out of Yucca Valley, California is next on our list of up and coming artists to watch out for. His production style is as unique as the alias he releases under and his sound creates an escape for his listeners with solid mixing skills, and a great sense of space and dimension…"
Rating: 9/10 -CPG Magazine

"BogglesWorth goes hard. A hybrid of progressive house, electro and dubstep rolled into one. All of his tracks BANG. Amazing instrumentation, and production… This artist is quite capable of putting you in a trance with his immense creativity"
-360 Magazine

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About BooglesWorth
US electronic music producer, BogglesWorth is a man of mystery. Well-known for his enigmatic ways