California Team Launches Kickstarter to Automatically Detect Images Similarity


Redwood City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- Images. They're all over the internet. Incalculable image multiples clog the overall world wide web with proliferations of image duplications. This can slow image processing down. A California team has dedicated a project to the development of a lightweight, user-friendly automated image similarity detection algorithm specifically for targeting individuals, small and medium organizations and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to further develop, deploy and distribute this algorithm.

Photos, images and movies make up a large portion of all data that is currently transmitted and stored. Better and higher image resolutions result in incrementally larger files. Image duplication impedes image processing, slows processing speed, increases traffic and wastes storage space, in addition to many other issues.

About Automatic Image Similarity Detection Algorithm
This project will be documenting the algorithm in human readable form from the idea and the algorithm to the program. It will test different primitive detection procedures measuring their influence on processing different image types and optimization of the algorithm for the various image types based on the testing results.

Angel investors helping fund the Automatic Image Similarity Detection Algorithm campaign to the next level will be eligible for perks such as text documentation of the concept, java file and text documentation of the algorithm in operation, text documentation of all improvements made and future development plans.

The team also understands not everyone may be able to give money to help the Automatic Image Similarity Detection Algorithm campaign, so they ask that those who cannot give monetarily help by spreading the word about the Automatic Image Similarity Detection Algorithm project online through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or record a video challenge for Vine, Facebook or Instagram to invite friends to give to or share this Kickstarter fundraiser. Include #AutoImageSimilDetect in all posts.

For more information, visit Automatic Image Similarity Detection Algorithm

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