Australian Team Launches Tago the Lost-Item Finder

Protect the things you lose often and the things you’d be lost without!


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- It happens to everyone. Keys disappear, bags seem to vanish, phones go missing. It launches a frenzied search that requires time the searching party often doesn't have. One team in Australia has found a solution to stop the hunting madness that goes with a lost item. Tago, a small digital tag that is small enough (about 30mm in diameter) to use anywhere! Tagos attach unobtrusively to anything: from your keys, to your pets, to everything you care about and a companion App for both Apple iOS and Android. From that point, anything you're missing is just a click away.

But unlike other trackers, they've set out to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo and have gone well beyond the basic tracker.

Audible signal guides you in to items you've lost and Tago App's radar distance indicator tells you when you're getting closer to what you're looking for. And best of all Tago prevents you from losing your things with two-way separation alert that warn when you leave your phone or other items behind.

And if you lose your phone, Tago can work in reverse! Just use any Tago to call your phone and find it.

Tago app will track any Tago nearby. Most other item trackers simply report the last known location, but if your item goes walkabout and passes by someone else with the Tago app you'll receive a notification telling you where your item was seen. Tago calls this their "Community Find GPS Network"

About Tago
Tago is packed with so many more features and options and has been future-proofed too. For instance, Tago works as a homing device to bring you safely back to where you parked your car...or pitched your tent... or left your boat, or checked-in in that hotel in that big town on vacation. Save any location and Tago will show you how to get back to it.

Perfect selfies guaranteed! Tago works as a Wireless Remote Shutter Control for your Smartphone camera. No more pictures from strange angles. You can just set your phone somewhere and take a snapshot by pressing the button on one of your Tagos.

In addition, with the release of Tago App 2.0, wireless button on each Tago would allow you to create 3 shortcuts for each button based on a single click, double click or click & hold action to some favorite actions on your phone that can be changed from the App at any time. Actions such as: Control Music, Snooze Alarm, Launch a Mobile App, Sound an Alarm, Book a Taxi, Turn on the lights, Share your position, Navigate to a location, Sound an Alarm and the list can grow based on User suggestions, feedback new ideas for how to make Tago even more useful.

Tago is expected to retail for over $40 but during the Tago Indiegogo campaign, Backers can take Tago: The Smartest Item Tracker and Finder campaign to the next level and take advantage of the perks and receive the finished product before it hits the market and at a price well below the retail value. Early backers can even opt in at being a Beta Tester.

Wouldn't it be great not to ever lose your keys or bag or phone or anything ever again?

There are many ways to contribute! Even if you don't have the money right now, you can help make Tago a reality by sharing the Indiegogo campaign with friends by spreading the word about Tago: The Smartest Item Tracker & Finder project online through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or record a video challenge for Vine, Facebook or Instagram to invite friends to give to or share this IndieGoGo fundraiser. Include #Tago in all posts.

For more information, visit Tago: The Smartest Item Tracker & Finder

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