iVue Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for Tago: The Smartest Item Tracker & Finder Ever

Busy people can keep the most important things close at hand without a chance of losing or misplacing personal items by attaching a Tago. What they lose or misplace, Tago finds. Saving them time, money, and stress.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- We all know that sense of panic when we realize that our wallet, purse, keys or phone is missing. The initial panic is mild – did I leave it on the kitchen table? Did it fall between the seats of my car? After a thorough search of one's home and car without success, a deeper sense of worry kicks in; what if my wallet is gone forever? What if a stranger found my smart phone on the train? The mind runs wild with all of the horrible things that can happen next.

That's why iVue invented Tago; a simple way to keep track of items using either an iPhone or Android-power phone. While it's true there other forms of locator technology out there, iVue set out to raise the bar with higher standards to deliver features that basic trackers today simply don't have.

One Tago on each item we care the most about – a set of keys, a pair of glasses, a handbag or even a child or pet – and finding that precious part of our life becomes simple. Audible signals steers the searcher in the right direction in finding what they're looking for. The radar feature in the Tago App lets the user know if they're getting close to or farther away from what they seek. If a child or dog is roaming on their own, Tago will alert the user that the subject is on the edge of Tago's range allowing for rapid action.

"You're Not Alone – Every Tago User in the World Can Help You Locate Anything You Lose."

Tago app will track any Tago nearby. Most other item trackers simply report the last known location, but if your item goes walkabout and passes by someone else with the Tago app you'll receive a notification telling you where your item was seen. Tago calls this their "Community Find GPS Network"

Crowdfunding is sought to cover the initial costs for mass production of the hardware as well as tooling and certifications. With the software app complete and the hardware prototype tested, the mass production of Tago is the remaining obstacle to be overcome.

This crowdfunding campaign ends January 17, 2015.

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