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Rosie's Tea Party: Enchanting New Book Invites Children to Tea…With a Bold Message of Leaving Expectations Behind & Making the Best out of Life

Gina Guarino’s ‘Rosie’s Tea Party’ is the first volume in the new ‘Rosie & Pip’ series. The story’s two leading felines have a traditional tea party planned, along with their favorite sweet treat and mint tea….until they discover that neither are actually available. What ensues is a thought-provoking story of living life without expectation and the importance of making the best out of any situation. Their party does eventually go ahead – and it’s more fun than they could have ever imagined.


Chatham, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2014 -- While being a kid is magical, it's also a period fraught with disappointment; especially if a child has not yet matured enough to understand life's need to reason. In her enchanting and ever-so-tasty new children's book, author Gina Guarino tackles the subject of expectation with a story that will teach young minds to appreciate all of their privilege in life.

'Rosie's Tea Party' turns disappointment into an unforgettable experience; as two cats' afternoon doesn't go exactly as planned…


Two cats who are the best of friends, Rosie (a small gray cat) and Pip (an orange and white tabby), plan a small tea party at Rosie's house. Pip plans to bring Rosie's favorite cake with the vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles, while Rosie is cooking up Pip's favorite mint tea. Pip discovers that the cake he was going to bring is all gone, and Rosie discovers she has no mint tea left in her cupboard.

Pip finds he has some soft chocolate cookies, so he whips up some vanilla frosting to put in the middle, he makes whoopee pies. Rosie remembers there is a patch of cat mint growing in a nearby pasture that is perfect for tea.

At first, both cats are disappointed, Rosie did not make Pip's favorite tea, and Pip did not bring the vanilla frosted cake with chocolate sprinkles, but after trying what the other has made, they are delighted.

"While this story may seem somewhat fantastical, it directly mirrors many of the experiences young children will face in life," explains Guarino. "It homes in on the theme of adjusting one's expectations or, even better, leaving them all behind in the first place."

Continuing, "It's vital to learn the importance of making the best out of every situation in life. Rosie and Pip could have called off their tea party and sulked in disappointment, but they made the best of the resources available to them and ended up having a wonderful time. In fact, possibly a better time than they had originally planned!"

The author sees wide appeal for her work.

"This book is useful on so many levels. It makes a great bedtime story or gift for a child, as well as having its vital place in the classroom. At the end of the day, the narrative directly supports early childhood development – making it adaptable in so many different settings," she adds.

Watch out for volume two, coming soon.

Until then, 'Rosie's Tea Party' is available now: http://amzn.to/13qZBfl.

About Gina Guarino
The author lives in New York.