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What Does Little Glenn See at the Park? New Children's Book Invites Kids on Literary Adventure – Learning New Words & Broadening Imagination

Olympia Snyder took inspiration for ‘What Does Little Glenn See at The Park?: Things that begin with the letter B’ from her own trips to the park when her son was a little boy. While kids will think they’re just having fun, their minds will run away in a world of language and imagination, as they expand their vocabulary quicker than they ever thought possible.


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2014 -- While most children's books simply impart a story, both readers and critics are crying out for narratives that provide real value to curious young minds. Thankfully, author Olympia Snyder has stepped up to the plate with gusto, releasing a new children's book packed to the brim with educational (yet fun!) value.

'What Does Little Glenn See at The Park?: Things that begin with the letter B' invites children to join Glenn on a day trip they won't be forgetting any time soon.


Little Glenn is a growing boy who is curious about the things he sees. His mother takes him to the park, and she teaches him about what he sees by sounding out the words.

Little Glenn sees a ball, a boat, a bird, and a box. His mother pronounces each word as he goes.
"When my son was a little boy we took almost daily trips to the park. He would point out the different things he saw and I credit these trips with developing his now expansive vocabulary," explains the author. "He would point at something, I'd tell him what it was and he'd repeat it back. This is exactly how learning should be – active and fun."

Continuing, "Years later, I have transposed these trips into a new series of books. Kids will not only learn how to pronounce new words, but will open up a boundless world of possibility where their imaginations can run wild. It's now vital that I can reach as many children as possible."

Snyder sees wide appeal for her book.

"This fusion of education and story makes the book a perfect bedtime story or gift, as well as a vital tool in the classroom. Vocabulary is one area of early childhood education that is somewhat lacking; but teachers now have a tool where learning is disguised by fun. There's so many applications for Glenn and his adventures," she adds.

With the book's popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

'What Does Little Glenn See at The Park?: Things that begin with the letter B' is available now: http://amzn.to/1GPzbTz.

About Olympia Snyder
Olympia Snyder is fourth out of six girls raised in a small town. she was reared by a single parent, her mother Willie E. West. She is currently married to Glenn Mathew Snyder of Iowa. She's the proud mother of one child who keeps her busy every waking moment, Glenn M. Snyder, Jr.

In 1999, she wrote and published her first poem titled That Little Son of Mine. In 2002, she was inspired to write a book that spoke about the physical and emotional challenges which plagued her disabled niece, That Man in the Moon.