CollaborateMD Announces New Version "9.2" of Their Electronic Medical Billing Software


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2014 -- CollaborateMD is an organization providing electronic medical billing software to medical practices and other large medical organizations. Their developers have finalized version 9.2 of their software in order to better serve their clients for this winter and the coming 2015 fiscal year.

CollaborateMD's software incorporates the requirements and information defined by ICD-9 and is more than ready for next year's ICD-10 update. When ICD-10 rolls out, things may change drastically in the world of insurance and other medical billing practices. Whenever insurance companies or practices change their billing procedures, or if the laws change as to how billing needs to be performed on certain individuals, CollaborateMD's software will not only update itself, but also provide comprehensive reports and alerts to administrators utilizing the software.

Software produced by CollaborateMD features a "pay as you go" pricing plan. One of their goals is to end the common practice of large up-front fees for medical billing-related programs and infrastructures. Instead of paying for a huge system that doesn't necessarily provide a good return-on-investment, instead CollaborateMD offers a service that starts small and grows alongside a company, ensuring not only a return-on-investment, but also great customer service and happier employees.

"Our success is in part attributable to our software's hybrid platform, which combines the best of both browser and server-based solutions to provide a more cost-effective and intuitive solutions…our customers greatly benefit, said Douglas Kegler, Founder & CEO of CollaborateMD. Their advanced software is not only up to date, but convenient and easy to understand for nurses and other employees of billing services and practices.

CollaborateMD guarantees they will treat others with respect, fairness and courtesy, and they lead by example, by trusting, believing in and empowering their associates and clientele in order to bring about growth. They pledge effective communication between all departments and subdivisions, and they focus on fostering a positive work environment with everyone they cater to.

Contact CollaborateMD's sales department today at 877-480-6517. To look into details on purchasing medical electronic billing software services with CollaborateMD, e-mail them at For more information on their service, e-mail their support department at Their corporate headquarters is located on 225 East Robinson Street, Suite 145, Orlando, Florida, Postal Code 32801.

About CollaborateMD
Since 1999, CollaborateMD's innovative cloud-based healthcare software solution has contributed to the financial success of medical practices and medical billing services across the country. CollaborateMD's solution, with its simplicity, affordable monthly fees, and 99% first pass claim rate allow thousands of medical providers to see a true return on investment.

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