Video Gaming Can Increase Brain Size and Connectivity

Online video games have excellent educational potential along with their entertainment value since they're engaging, motivating, interactive and supply enhanced reasoning skills


Toledo, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2014 -- Whether playing video games has adverse effects is something which has been argued for 3 decades. Proposed negative side effects such as increased aggression, addiction, and various health issues such as for instance obesity and repeated stress injuries often get much more media exposure as compared to positives.

However, a lot of research has been conducted which shows that online video games could be used for therapeutic and educational benefits, and many reports which exhibits how playing games like Counter Strike, Spiderman games, Need for Speed can enhance hand-eye coordination and response times. For instance, research have found that spatial visualization capability like psychologically rotating and manipulating 2 and 3 dimensional objects, enhances with playing video games.

Video games like baby hazel or my little pony have a special appeal which can cross several demographic boundaries, such as gender, age, culture or educational accomplishment. They may be used-to help set objectives and rehearse operating towards them, supply feedback, encouragement, self-esteem, and keep a record of physiological change. There is a chance to build up transferable abilities, or accomplish extraordinary or challenging activities, like flight simulators, or similar simulated procedures.

Since video games are very engaging, they are also used therapeutically. For example, they may be utilized like a kind of therapy and in more pioneering contexts. Numerous reports show that when kids play Winx club games after chemotherapy they need less painkillers as compared to others.

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