Scientist Discovers the Ideal Amount of Time Kids Should Spend Playing Video Games

Video games are also helpful in treating kids with mental health issues like dementia, dyslexia or Schizophrenia Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Toledo, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2014 -- Parents who're struggling to lay down some ground-rules for their kids regarding video games may think twice after reading this release. A recent research out-of Oxford University has revealed that kids who play PC or console games for at least an hour or less daily are usually more social and happy with life than children who do not play any video games at-all.

Playing online video games helps in increasing brain activity among kids. A recent study unearthed that playing video games like Call of Duty, Spiderman games, or My little pony may promote neurogenesis as well as connectivity in brain areas accountable for spatial orientation, memory formation as well as strategic planning.

Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis improvements were seen in the right prefrontal cortex, right hippocampus and also the cerebellum. These mind regions are highly involved in activities such spatial navigation and good motor abilities of the hands. Progressively, the amount of connectivity among brain regions has been associated with good consciousness and higher intelligence.

Kids' video games like baby hazel brings together the cerebral activity of the cerebrum using the cerebellar muscle storage of the cerebellum which enhances cognitive performance and activity. Video Games might be helpful for treating patients with mental-health issues in which the regions of brain are changed or decreased in size, like: PTSD (Schizophrenia Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or neurodegenerative illnesses such as for instance Alzheimer's dementia.

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