Video Games Are GOOD for Kids: It Boosts Learning, Health and Social Skills

Findings released in the prestigious journal of the American psychological Association states that playing video games offers sharper memory, improved reasoning and lower anxiety levels.


Toledo, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2014 -- To many people it may look counter intuitive, but scientists have discovered that playing game including fierce shooting games might increase children's health, learning and social abilities. This conclusion originates from overview of research into the impact of video game that was be published within the reputable Journal "The American Psychologist".

Debate has stormed for years between psychologists and other medical professionals concerning the ramifications of violent video games, with several caution that gaming can result in depression, addiction and hostility. But insisted playing online video games has several positive side-effects too.

Video games might reinforce a variety of cognitive abilities like memory reasoning, spatial navigation, perception and memory. This is especially true for shooting video games, which are frequently violet, like Counter Strike, Call of Duty and power ranger games which was among the games used-to study cognitive advantages.

A research conducted in 2013 revealed that playing shooting video game enhanced a player's capability to think about objects in 3-D and educational courses to improve these same abilities, based on the research.

The more teenagers reported playing tactical video games, the more they enhanced in problem-solving and college grades the next year, based on a long term research published in 2013. Over 70% gamers play with their friends having a buddy and millions of players worldwide take part in huge digital worlds through game titles like ben 10 online games or Winx club games.

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