Jaasta Announces Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign to Bring Breakthrough E Ink Keyboard and Zero Sound Mouse to Market

The time has come for a superior keyboard and mouse, two devices that are a part of a great many computer user's day to day lives. Jaasta is on the verge of this breakthrough announcing their crowdfunding campaign to bring both an incredibly functional E Ink Keyboard along with the world's first Zero Sound Mouse to market.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2014 -- The idea of a dynamic E Ink Keyboard is one that moves a great many people to the edge of their seat with excitement. The ability to change keys based on the software being used, clearly breaks through a wall set by conventional keyboards, and could speed up both productivity and learning speed to levels not previously approachable, in the opinion of many experts. Forward thinking company Jaasta, in recent exciting news, announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to bring their own Jaasta Wireless E Ink Keyboard along with the world's first Wireless Zero Sound Mouse to market. The anticipation surrounding the new project is incredibly high.

"The Jaasta E Ink Keyboard and Zero Sound Mouse will change the way users think of these two everyday accessories," commented a spokesperson from the company. "Seeing our E Ink Keyboard is believing. Once a person uses one they will likely never want to return to using an old-style keyboard ever again."

The specs announced for the keyboard, which changes its display based on the active application, include: a Large (3.5-inch) interchangeable touch-pad with multi-touch navigation for easier web browsing, easy indoor and outdoor readability and large characters on very quiet keys. Media hot keys are integrated - mute, play, volume up or down - for controlling wireless connected TV and laptops from up to 33 feet. The battery life even lasts a full twelve months.

About Jaasta Zero Sound Mouse
The Jaasta Zero Sound Mouse, is the first zero mouse entering the market. It comes complete with an internal 8gb memory and a SuperSpeed usb input port for a user's flash drive, making it the perfect companion for the company's E Ink Keyboard.

The crowdfunding campaign has garnered a great deal of excitement.

Jennifer B., a tech blogger from Boston, recently said, "Jaasta is doing really interesting things and I can't wait to see their E Ink Keyboard and Zero Sound Mouse. This is one campaign to get behind for sure! Totally recommended."

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