Warrior Emporium Offers Complete Martial Arts Supplies for Training


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2014 -- Warrior Emporium is perhaps the only company left that is 100% dedicated to keeping martial arts awareness alive in Maryland. In a world where everyone is spending so much time in front of a computer playing video games or working on a digital platform, Warrior Emporium harkens back to a physical world and implores a concept of affordability and variety to ensure everyone gets the martial arts supplies that they need.

Warrior Emporium sells martial arts weapons such as combat knives, swords, staves, daggers, maces, whips, and others. And it's not just the typical Chinese or Japanese swords used in Wu Shu and other martial arts. The company also provide swords used in movies like the Sword of the Daywalker which was the sword used in the Blade movies starring Wesley Snipes.

The martial arts supplies also range in training and sparring tools, lining up with Warrior Emporium's goal of being the one-stop martial arts shop in the area. Everything from boxing gloves, mouth guards, and hand wraps to head protection gear and martial arts uniforms in all different branches (Wu Shu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, etc.) are provided.

Not everything is for martial arts. There are a few items sold for self-defense, such as pepper sprays. There are also DVDs, books, and CDs that all provide exercises, basics, and martial routines for people who want to learn in the comforts of their home or to hone their skill when not in a martial arts school.

About Warrior Emporium
Warrior Emporium provides wholesale deals and discounts online. They specialize in wholesale supplies for uniforms, belts, and all training equipment such as breaking boards, gloves, and protective gear. For inquires and more info, visit their official website.

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Warrior Emporium
1228 Light St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21230