Superb Skin Care Now Offers Non Surgical Face Lift in a Bottle


Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2014 -- People opting for expensive face lift operations understand that it can be expensive and dangerous to go under the knife. The effects do go beyond what BOTOX injections have to offer but very few take the risk. That may no longer be the case because Superb Skin Care has developed a new solution that literally puts non surgical face lift in a bottle.

The solution is derived from the extract of a tropical plant scientifically referred to as Acmella oleracea. This special ingredient is then purified and mixed with other anti-wrinkle and anti-aging natural compounds that focus on tightening the skin. Acmella oleracea, however, does more: it targets and stops the microcontractions that give birth to expression lines and deep wrinkles.

This blend allows the skin to tighten back to become firm and wrinkle-free and is a great step above the conventional university medical face lift that is dangerous and costly.

In order to prove the efficiency of this new non surgical face lift product, several volunteers were asked to apply the solution two times a day for a test-period of 28 days. Three-quarts (75%) of the participants stated that they already felt the solution at work right after the first day. By the end of the test period, more than 83% of the participants lost significant amount of facial wrinkles.

About Superb Skin Care
The name of Superb Skin Care should be of great relief; the company has been around for several years and all of their products achieve the highest ratings, even on commercial retail sites like Amazon. Superb Skin Care's Non Surgical Face Lift Bottle is also available on Amazon and it has thus far garnered a rating of five out of five stars, a perfect score.

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