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Contact Doctor Healthcare Pvt Ltd Offers Most Comprehensive Online Integrated Medical Consultation Services


Chennai, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2014 -- Contact Doctor Healthcare Pvt Ltd, India's leading online healthcare platform is pleased to announce that it is now offering most comprehensive online integrated medical consultation services, including booking doctor appointments, live video consultations, home care services, health queries online, diagnostic lab samples collection at home and Medicines door delivery at highly affordable rates to the patients. The Contact Doctor team strives to help individuals and organizations by providing them with highly professional and confidential online medical consultation services without having them to visit the doctor in person.

Today, the internet has made life so easy that there's no need for an individual to physically visit a seasoned and licensed doctor for medical consultation. In fact, several reliable medical centers and physicians are playing a key role in making the life of patients easier by offering professional consultancy online. One of such notable healthcare centers is Contact Doctor Healthcare Pvt Ltd that specializes in offering all kinds of live and online medical consultation to its patients. With more than 100 doctors, 20+ specialties and 30+ locations, the Contact Doctor team has revolutionized the healthcare industry of India by extending its healthcare services to even the most remote regions that were struggling with improper healthcare facilities.

Some of the key services they offer online are:

-Video Consultation with doctors
-Health Queries
-Home Care services (Doctors/Nurses/Physios)
-Book a doctor appointment
-Medicines Door delivery
-Lab Samples home collection
-Free medical advices
-Ambulance service on emergencies

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