Sanghavi Bothra Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Sanghavi Bothra Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. (SBECPL) Now Offers Inconel 600 at Reasonable Prices


Mumbai, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2014 -- Sanghavi Bothra Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. (SBECPL) is now offering Inconel 600 at reasonable prices. The company offers alloy formulated nickel and chromium for industrial applications that require high temperature resistance and corrosion. Inconel 600 has unique mechanical properties that exhibit the unification of high strength and welding properties. This non-magnetic alloy has a large portion of nickel, which equips the alloy corrosion that occurs from inorganic or organic compounds. This alloy resists the chloride ion and alkaline solutions. This alloy can be hardened and strengthened exclusively by cold works. In addition to Inconel 600, the company also offers Inconel 601 and Inconel 625.

The company also offers Monel 400 which is an alloy made from nickel and copper. This product has excellent resistance against steam and sea water at very high temperatures. It is also resistant against salt and caustic solutions. This moderate strength alloy is a little magnetic at room temperature and it is corrosion-resistant. In addition to this, the company also offers other products such as nickel 200, nickel 201, incoloy 800, hatelloy C22, alloy 20, sanicro 20, and many more.

Talking about their products, one of their representatives stated, "The more rapid the pace of change, the more diverse and complex the needs of our customers become. We respond to these demands with value-added products and services, highly specialized ideas, and other forms of support. This allows us to function as each customer's "best partner" in creating specific solutions for specific requirements. Well established in the global economy, we look forward to the continual expansion of our customer base by adding new products to our company portfolio."

Sanghavi Bothra Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. (SBECPL) was established in 1996 by its parent company Shah Hastimal Laxmichand & Co. (Since 1969) to meet the requirements of growing Indian and Foreign Industries. Now they are expanding their vision into the manufacturing sector to meet the growing needs of their customers efficiently. Since their inception, they have based operations on the mission of serving their customers as "Specialist Suppliers". Year after year, they have used specialized skills and an extensive trade network to meet customer's needs with precisely the right solutions. This skill has earned SBE a reputation as a trading company where customers know they can place their trust, and in return receive outstanding products and services.

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