Nationwide Flyer and Door Hanger Delivery Service Uses GPS Tracking to Guarantee Delivery of Residential Advertising Material

All Delivered uses GPS tracking to confirm the delivery of business, residential or SEO materials. The advertising materials can be door hangers or hand-delivered. They can also go out by social media or zip code.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2014 -- All Delivered is pleased to announce their extensive delivery services for individuals, businesses and organizations that need information in the form of door hangers, flyers or social media notifications. The firm does what is rare in the business. They offer GPS tracking so that customers are assured that the information is actually delivered.

Customers are able to use GPS tracking to know that their advertisements have been delivered as requested. Deliveries are made nationwide and are available through companies of all sizes from small local businesses to nationwide giants.

A spokesperson for All Delivered stated, "Are you tired of unreliable and dishonest delivery people from more traditional distribution companies? If you are still wondering whether any of your advertisements were delivered, we have the solution."

Today's market for consumers means that more people are struggling to save money whenever possible. Customers are less likely to spend time and gas money to drive around looking for a specific business. The business that wants to reach customers must get the advertisements where the customer can see it. This is an advertising method that works and is used by Fortune 500 companies.

The company places door hangers, flyers, postcards and other printed materials door to door at locations, both business and residential for up to a three-mile radius of the business for just pennies per delivery. Items can be delivered door to door, business to business, street team or via social media and SEO.

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Company Name: All Delivered

Contact Telephone Number: 877-992-5533

About All Delivered
All Delivered is a Premiere Distribution Service that was created to fill a need in the Advertisement delivery industry. Our sister company, The OAS, has provided unique outdoor advertising solutions to businesses across the country for the past eight years.