imlioyim jamir Lauded for Offering the Best Guide for Duck Hunting in Missouri


St.Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2014 -- Apart from its landscape, Missouri, a popular place for tourists is also known for its famous duck hunting. According to estimation, tens of thousands of birds fly pass through the place every year. This record shows that hunters will not be disappointed. However, a good catch requires the help of a professional guide. Show Me Snow Geese has been recently lauded for its expertise guide on duck and geese hunt in Missouri. It consists of a team of trained guides who have experience in the field for decades. The team main aim is to provide hunting guide to both professional and novice for a memorable experience.

Sources have it that Missouri is now the fifth largest producer of rice surpassing Texas. This news is important because rice fields offer the perfect feeding place for waterfowl. Hunters are also assured of specklebelly goose and snow goose when the paddy fields are freshly rolled, as this is the time when most waterfowl migrate to the area in search for food. Show Me Snow Geese provides extra services for first time hunters such as guide for late season ducks hunting, complete checklist for snow geese hunting, etc. Taking a guide is a good option because they know the best hunting grounds, timing, and how to set out decoy spreads.

The duck hunting guide recommends a maximum of 5 hunters in a group since geese and ducks travel in smaller groups. This strategy allows every hunter to come home with their prized duck. Show ME Snow Geese also provides seasonal leases to professional hunters near the soya bean and rice fields. However, interested hunters need to hurry as such spots are very limited. Hunters can also bring their own pup as long as it is well trained and behaved.

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Show Me Snow Geese offers complete guide for duck and geese hunting in Missouri. Both professional and novice can avail its many services.

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