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"The Aquitaine Deception" by Paul Bourdon Now on Amazon

Experience the Thrill as the New World Order Emerges


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2014 -- Paul Bourdon, an author of "The Sentinel" and "Trojan Horse" has released his latest thriller fiction, "The Aquitaine Deception". The plot goes like this. Financiers from all over the world meet at Aquitaine, a secluded chateau in the French countryside with a purpose of finalizing their plans of toppling the U.S. Dollar and to instigate a new global currency. A currency that will be used to control their new world order. They would do so by creating an instability in the global financial markets and destroying the oil infrastructure under the pretense of international terrorism.

The oil prices would spike out of control for so long that the world wide economy will face a global meltdown thereby resulting in a dark era that the human history has ever witness and is unlikely to recover from. Their plan is almost a success when an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico explodes as part of their fake terrorism act directed towards the United States. Devon McKenzie along with Aaron Cohen, a CIA agent return to investigate the explosion and to track down the perpetrators behind the conspiracy. The ultimate question is that will Devon and Aaron have enough time to prevent the ecological disasters that threaten the world's stability. To unravel the suspense, buy a copy of the book right now.

Paul Bourdon is known for his thriller fictions and suspense oriented plots. This book is no exception and meets the requirements of being just the right book that most suspense lovers look for. The book is a real page turner with those nail biting sequences in every chapter. Paul's other books also gained immense popularity. While "The Sentinel" revolves around an obscure murder in the final days of World War II, "Trojan Horse" revolves around criminal minds using the mask of terrorism to reach the highest levels of their sinister acts.

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About Paul Bourdon
Paul Bourdon is an author whose work revolves around thriller and suspense fiction. Paul's books include Trojan Horse, The Sentinel and his latest book The Aquitaine Deception. All his books are currently available on Amazon and in kindle, paperback and eBook formats.


Paul Bourdon