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Ernst Licht Being German at Best with Traditional Lederhosen

Traditional men’s German lederhosen are short leather breeches, upholding the Bavarian tradition for three centuries unchanged. German manufacturers like Ernst Licht have been proud flagbearers of the Alpine heritage.


Oley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2014 -- German heritage is the very sense of being a German essentially. Among the different subcultures in Germany, the Alpine Bavarian heritage has a distinct charm. The simplicity of peasantry, expressed in plain costumes, usually without any embellishments is a signature style of the Alpine people. The Oktoberfest at Munich virtually erupts every year with men in lederhosen and women in dirndls.

A Bavarian peasant costume is not very glamorous in the traditional sense. Its glamour is in letting go all the excesses, and being practical to the best, but never without a very definitive sense. Germany culture is one of straight lines and simple thoughts, of living life to its fullest, enjoying every bit of it. Not for no reason is the Munich beer fest the biggest carnival of all kind in the world. Germans and non-Germans alike join in the frolic all over the world in millions.

Planning to visit, your participation is incomplete without slipping in a pair of men's German lederhosen and raising your Grail of beer stein to the celebrations. Customers can easily order lederhosen online from authentic German stores such as Ernst Licht. The suppliers are also producers. The embroidery and manufacturing service maintains a very impressive collection of German costumes, beer steins, and other novelty items.

This correspondent happened to be at the carnival this year. Looking up for beer steins basically, the site was available conspicuously. Their steins are embellished in numerous variations of amazing style. The costumes category was very encouraging as well. However, denim being discovered by another Bavarian in the US, Levi Strauss, this reporter stuck to them instead of lederhosen. Nevertheless, the site representative was very helpful and resourceful. He explained, "Deutschland is in our heart, in everything we do." Now, that was true German on all counts.

About Ernst Licht
Managed by Daniel Licht, and based in Pennsylvania, Ernst Licht is a German international company. They manufacture and sell all things best at being German, from apparels to beer steins and novelty items.

Contact person:
Address: Ernst Licht Embroidery and Imports, Inc.
347 Main Street Oley, Pennsylvania
19547, USA
Telephone: 1 – 610 – 987 – 9496