Battlefield Project Announces Low Paid Advertising to Help Fund Returning Veterans Project

The company is raising money to help our returning American heroes start a normal life again and to provide for their families.


Boynton Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2014 -- The Battlefield To Boardroom Project was established for the purpose of training and employing returning US veterans in order to fuel the expansion of the Action In Network. The Action in Network consists of Business Directories in over 30 major US cities, all connected by a new Business Educational Social Network called The Action Society that offers extensive business education and services to its members for free.

Spending more than 3 years and over $300,000 to build the companies infrastructure, they are now expanding across the US and Canada by hiring and training the best employees available in the marketplace; Military Veterans.

The Action in Network wants to provide our returning heroes the opportunity to start a new, the ability to provide for their family in this lucrative marketplace, and the opportunity to run and even own an Action In City operation. However, to expand the network, they need to raise money that will help them hire, train, expand and employ the veterans.

Battlefield To Boardroom is not looking for any handouts. On the contrary, they have assembled valuable packages of business services consisting of educational offerings and substantially reduced advertising that will take any individual or business to the next level. These value packed packages are worth 6 to 10 times more than the generous contribution people make.

This significant patriotic cause is a win-win situation for everyone involved.
- Veterans will be trained, employed, and given the opportunity to build Action In organization in the cities they live in.
- Contributors receive products or services worth several times more than their participation level And
- The Action in Network has the funds to hire and train Veterans allowing them to expand nationwide rapidly which in return adds even more value to the participants.

Just look at the participation levels
- Contributor level for only $10, getting $47 Value in return
- Basic Contributor level for $25, getting $194 Value in return
- Nickel Participant for $49, getting $388 Value
- Bronze Participant for $99, getting $766 Value
- Copper member for $199, getting $1261 Value
- Silver level for $499, getting $5000 Value
- Gold level for $999, getting $10650 Value
- Platinum level for $1,499, getting $14,588 Value
- Palladium member for $2,499, getting $19,454 Value
- Emerald level for $4,999, getting $26,654 Value
- Diamong member for $9,999, getting $37,454 Value
- Founder Level for $14,999, getting $49,454 Value

For additional information on the cause and to view the details of the valuable packages offered, please visit or call 480-260-9446

About Battlefield To Boardroom
Battlefield To Boardroom Company has created a beneficial project that on one hand supports returning American veterans by training and hiring them, and on the other hand it offers low priced educational and advertising packages to participants to expand the action in network all across the country.