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Family Struggles to Support Alzheimer's Patient During Epidemic


Huntingdon, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2014 -- The United States has a population of five million citizens living with Alzheimer's. As the sixth leading cause of death in America, there is a great stress added to the lives of caregivers trying to support their loved ones. Tim Earls a young West Tennessee student feels an enormous pressure to care for his grandmother suffering with the illness.

"I've watched my mother's life fall apart as she takes care of my grandmother. She never gets a day off to relax. She's constantly faced with the pressure to care for someone who gets worse with each day. My mother can't provide the 24/7 care that my grandmother needs. She can't even take care of her own failing health because she's trying to take care of others all the time. My grandmother means the world to me but there needs to be a better solution to this epidemic," Tim Earls, founder of Once a Billion.

Earls has been researching facilities in the Nashville community to help provide his grandmother with the type of care she needs where she can be safe and enjoy the final years of her life. Yet high health care costs have made this just a wistful dream for Earls and his family.

"Harnessing the power of the internet, I created a start-up called Once a Billion to help boost our family's income to provide my grandmother regular medical care. I've set an ambitious goal of $5,000 to help my parents enroll my grandmother in along-term care facility so that she can get the proper care she needs," Earls.

About Once A Billion
Once a Billion sells inexpensive advertising in blocks of 15 by 15 pixels for advertisers looking for basic web ads. The young entrepreneur is looking into creating multiple enterprises to help provide his grandmother with the best care possible for her final years. "My primary focus is on giving back to the woman who gave so much to every person she touched. My grandmother has worked as a Red Cross volunteer, an ombudsman, and even fundraised for wounded veterans," Earls.

For more information about Tim Earls or to donate to the cause, please visit Earls is currently working on creating mobile games, writing fiction and building his own social network to help provide for his sick grandmother.